“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is." - Jackson Pollock

Information & Guidelines

Heya! Welcome to my art store page,, thing,, whatever. Please be patient with me as I complete your commissions. If you so choose to commisions me please pay [and credit!] me on either my Chicken Smoothie acount, or my DA account.

1: Please link to either this website, my CS or my DA when you post my art off site and credit me whereever you can. If you plan on using my art commercially please ask first so I can adjust my prices.

2.  I reserve the right to turn down commissions and if I happen to 

3. Don't trace/steal my art, this includes leaving my signature on my art.

5. My conversion from c$ to points is [20 c$ = 100 points]

6. Please be polite, and please don't rush me.

After you've browsed my shop and decided you want something, chuck me a message on discord [@dewly_noted#4255] tell me about the character your commissioning, what commision you're wanting and how you'll be paying.


[technicly a bust shot] 
> I'll do humans, fursonas and felines!
>Comes with shading
> 30 c$ or 150 points 


[please remember to send posing information.] 
> I'll do humans, fursonas and felines!
>Comes with shading
> 60 c$ or 300 points

Character Design

[get a random character design based off of a pallete or list of description]
> I'll do humans, fursonas, felines and abnormal creations!
> You'll get a rougly sketched version, with the option of a clean lined version if you like the design!
> pwyw!

Desktop backgrounDs

[these take a very very long time- up to a month depending on complexity. They can have one character featured in them.]
> I'll do felines or scenes without a character!
> Have a full background and shading
> Remember to link me your monitors dimensions [ex: 1366px x 768px]
> 200 c$ or 1000 points

100 cat challenge!

I'm working through Rise's 100 cat challenge on my spare time. Feel free to send me 2 cats, preferablly with simpler designs as I've already done quite a few complex cats.

This is free, obviously!