Lead by Kestrel Flying, The Fallen are a group of lost souls, sheltered from the world by cliffs that tower over them. Generations in the past, they were once a tribe united only to fall apart and into a harsh rivalry with the people their ancestors tricked.

"The tribe is a secretive one, living by a code of silence towards outsiders. They slip through life with thick pelts that keep them safe from the snares of the plants they live under. They don't care much for outsiders and those who aren't trapped in their small world, the outsiders are different, of strange blood and unwelcome. The sanctity of their heritage is held high but they aren't uncaring. They are passionate and caring just self-isolating and somewhat selfish. Faith in the roamers are held very close to the heart of the Tribe of the fallen, a strong faith in those who came before equals a strong faith in the tribe. To not believe would be a huge betrayal. 
Their ranks follow the usual patterns for clans, except instead of warriors they have assassins and hunters and they have overseers instead deputies. Assassins are fighters, sneaking, gathering information and disposing of threats without hesitation. Hunters are as their name would imply, the providers of their clan. Apprentices have two mentors, one hunter and one assassin until they find their calling. By their 8th moon an apprentice will have a second ceremony where they choose which profession they want to train to become."  [203/100]

Placed in the gully of a mountain range, the fallen are bold and loving with a well structured clan heirachy that has been honoured for generations. They are all- for better or worse, stuck in the same situation and working together is what makes the best of it.

Prey- birds, squirrels, fish.
Predators- foxes, coyotes, wolves, bears, falcons

Open [west, east, north, south]