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Territory, Ranks and other information.


The clan's territory is larger in height than in width, The tribe of Eons is situated on the side of a mountain. Half of it's territory is made up of trees while the rest is paths leading up the rocky paths leading up and down the mountain side. Pine trees are vast and cover the territory with the odd spruce tree breaking what would otherwise be dominated by pine. To the edge of the territory a large river cascades freely, fed by a spring, deep under the earth. To one side of the territory is the sea shore, with no beach to be seen, just a long drop off cliffs. [110/100]



The clan camp is settled beside a small spring, that flows from an underground spring. On one side of the camp is the creek and tiny waterfall, on the other side is a tall cliff that offers protection from most storms. Warriors, Apprentices and Leaders dens are located along the cliff face. The shared den of the ambassadors, assassins, bastions and rangers is located the furthest down the cliff face, leading into a tunnel that has the space to support some 25 cats. It has been known to flood during storms that cause the creek and spill over. The vagabond den is located a little higher then the shared adult den, it leads deep into the cliff, enough space to house 10 cats spaciously. Past apprentices have carved drawings into the walls with animal bones, these drawings often depict hunting, friendships or floods. The Leader's Den is located up high on the cliff, at the same height as the start of the waterfall. While the shared adults den and vagabonds den can be reached from the ground of the camp, low enough that jumping can get you inside, the leaders den is too high for that. A path leads up to the leader's den from across the waterfall's start. A ledge offers a position for the leaders to view the clan camp and give speeches. Behind the ledge is their den, a small alcove with minimal protection from the weather. Vagabonds may often sneak up and line the leaders nests with moss, feathers or other soft materials, they may also try to build a wall to offer more shelter from the elements. The Cleric, Seer and Prophet's den is shared with the Queens and Sages. Their is a clear divide between the the sections, this divide is made up of tree roots that have grown through the ceiling and into the ground. The herbs supply is in part kept in storage at the furthest end of the den but also there is a garden inside the camp, located between a fork in the creek. During the day Kit's are taken outside onto the grassy patch of camp by Elders, who teach them the Ancient code, the legend of Ka and why they need to respect their Leaders, Prophets, Seers and Clerics.

lake-the lake is open and expansive, running deep with rich prey resources and fresh water.

mountain-ranging from the lake all the way to its peak the mountain is covered in dips, caves, ledges, cliffs. All the way along its face are patches of pine trees. Scaling the mountain is made easy by human made trails which cut ways up and down it's face. However these trails are dangerous for the humans who occassionally scale them. The clan has learnt their own secret paths up and down it's face, wheter it be walking up the easier slopes, scaling ledges along cliffs and journeying through caves.

marsh-the marsh is the product of a long drought that lowered the level of the water, the richness of the earth has lead to a thriving marsh along with plenty of natural birdlife. The land has since stabalised and while the water hasn't dropped it also hasn't risen.

clearing-[former training ground] along the water's edge is a clearing where the ground is covered in tree roots from a dead lookout tree. Slightly elevated from the water this proves to be the perfect area for training and marks along the dead lookout tree signify how heavy the cat life had once been in the area.

mountain clearing-[current training ground] the mountain clearing is where the youth of the clan are now trained, despite the dangerous fall which has broken bones before it is where JuniperClan has chosen to prove the worth of their apprentices. The only guard against the fall is a series of large rocks which have been lined up as a railing. The earth underfoot is a mixture of grass and plain stone.

lookout-only accessible from the tunnel system, the lookout is the highest tunnel system entrance possible and assassins often are posted up there to serve as lookouts. Only those with the best eyesight end up there regularly and it was thanks to one of these assassins that the wanderers were spotted. It's got a nice view although it also has a dangerous fall.

mountain caves-there are small caves all over the tunnel system, with entrances all over the place.

flooded caves-all tunnels downward eventually lead to the flooded caves and the fabled starpool. it's considered a romantic place as crystal formations are lit up by glowing by strange glowing lights. when they first moved into the cave there was a lot of stress that their ancestors would be able to reach them but regardless the medicine cats have had no trouble speaking with the dead.

flower fields-upwards from the marsh lies the flower fields, a field filled with beautiful flowers that bloom during spring and summer. hares and ground-nesting birds flourish in these fields and due to the height of the plant growth, it is one of the hunting grounds the cats don't share with the owls.

forest-everywhere else- a mixture of pine and other trees scatter the land, squirrels, hares, birds- almost any prey you can think of rests here, however hunting is mostly done by the owls and the clan cat's understand this. the prey is thinner here and more cautious due to how overzealous the owls are.

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Leader: The former deputy and child of the previous Sun and Moon leader. They are raised with the soul purpose of becoming leader and are trained vigorously by their parents to fit such a role. They are the main leader of the clan, shouldering the burden of leading fights, delivering speeches, handing out punishments and large decisions. The children of this cat become heir/heiresses. This cat gains 7 lives upon becoming leader and visiting the Crystal peaks. They have the title Sun in front of their name.

Leader's Mate: The mate of the Sun leader. Typically a bastion prior to becoming the moon leader, it isn't unheard of for Healer's to take on this role if the heart is willing. They are the heart of the clan and the secondary leader. The are in charge of spiritual matters, apprenticing youths and speaking for the dependants of the clan. The children of this cat become heir/heiresses. This cat gains 7 lives upon becoming leader and visiting the Crystal peaks but looses all but one when the sun leader dies. They have the title Moon in front of their name.

The offspring of the current leaders. When a new leader takes power, all heirs/heiresses that are the previous leader's children are demoted to either bastions or sages depending on their choice. Children of the leader's only become heirs/heiresses upon their 25th moon, resigned to an apprentices position and trained by the parents until they are ready.

A group of up to three healers, who are talented in both the art of medicine and agriculture.

information here- forecasting weather, fortunes 

They are viewed as having one foot on the ethereal plain and one with the living. As if gifted by the Pack of Running Stars, they have an unusually long life span compared to the rest of the clan. Prophet's who have proven themselves worthy, wise and talented will often earn the title 'ka' out of respect.

peace keepers

Specialised fighters, often killers

Specialesed hunters

The great providers of the clan; the main work force. Typically aged from 12-60 moons, these cats are trained in hunting, fighting and tracking. They have strong principals and often strong attitude.

Cats aged from 8-12 moons. Despite being trainees, these are almost fully grown cats often with a childish demeanour. They are being taught by either the leaders or bastions to become a working member of the clan. They are expected to bow their heads in respect to higher ranked members of the clan.

Nursing or expecting cats, waiting for either their kits to either be born or move to the care of the council. Kits are often coddled by the clan, treated with love and kindness in an effort to raise them with good morals.

The elderly of the clan, retired members of the tribe who are resigned to a life of educating the kits of the clan. They are treated with a great amount of respect and are one of the first to eat. The health of the Sages is the easiest way to tell the health of the clan. If the Sages are healthy, plump and happy the clan fare's well. If the Sages are sickly and underfed, however, this means that the clan is suffering.


Naming ceremony
Upon the graduation of an apprentice there is a naimg ceremony held. A private celebration held between the mentors and family, the graduating apprentice then leaves to spend the night out upon the territory where they will recieve a vision of their true name. Come morning they are gifted the first fresh kill caught.

Dam's ceremony
upon the announcement of a cats pregnancy a feast is gathered for the parents to celebrate their new future together.

Rite of ascension
Once one of the monarchy die the first heir to take a mate and request the position of leader ascends to the leadership position. If two cats wish to ascend to the position they are sent out to Crystal Peaks with the last surviving member of the monarch; the Pack of Running Stars will send down an omen in the cats sleep; a marking in frost, signifying the new leader.


You wouldn't even know they existed and if you were amongst the cats who did you would hate them with a passion. These cats care deeply for their own, would fight to the death to protect their family but care very little for outsiders unless there is a possibility of recruitment. [51]


Death's on time
it is the opinion of cats in the clan that every cat has a due date with death. A season and time that their natural death will come. No cat knows their time, although their ancestors do. To kill a cat is to go against the natural order of things and is strictly forbidden. 

We are nature
the clan has a deep respect for nature, their prey and predators. If a cat share's their true name with an animal of the land they are forbidden to hunt or kill that animal for they are their kin. That animal is their kin and it isn't uncommon for aspects of that creatures language to be slowly learned by a cat. Nature is something to be respected, the clan is a part of it and should respect the ground, trees and sky above them

Your True Name 
when an apprentice becomes eligible to be a grown member of the clan they journey to a high point away from their clan. There they will receive an omen from the stars, varying from visions to encounters with animals. There is no set 'way' an adolescent receives their true name but it is often seen as a life-changing moment. The birth name of a cat is often something simple, "Mint", "Starlight", "Frost" and their true name can be quite different, "Leaping Crickets", "Kestrel Flying", "Sunny Day".