"But I am sure we could see a new start..."

Also Known at the tribe of flittering kestrel


Lead by Kestrel Flying,  Tribe of Eons, or as it's currently known, tribe of flittering kestrel are a group of lost souls, sheltered from the world by cliffs that tower over them. Generations in the past they were summoned from distant horizons to gather at the location they now know as home to build the Tribe of Eons; once before a hundred years, so we continue on a thousand more.

Placed in the gully of a mountain range, the tribe of eons are bold and loving with a well structured clan heirachy that has been honoured for a few generations. They are all the descendants of brave heroes who travelled far distances to reach a new home and they carry that with pride.


Prey- birds, squirrels, fish.
Predators- foxes, coyotes, wolves, bears, falcons


East - Klaus' tribe
Open [west, north, south]





Describe Your Clan:

They descended from the stars speaking in foreign tongues that invaded the mind and filled it with visions. There were hundreds that surrounded them, standing on a distant land soil. And so we were called, from distant lands and far-away shores. We carried a story in our hearts and a yearning in our bones for the Valley. On our journey we met one another, and shared our visions. Many had heard of the Clans, their warriors and StarClan, but none of Clans with their bastions and the Fields of Running Stars. And so they converged on the Valley.

There we learnt the story of the past, of the Tribe of Eons, humble, brave and fortunate. Who shared their lands with few, but also shared it with many. Those whose ancestors walked our land with them in spirit and the prey around them was respected like family. Predator spoke their language, and they spoke that of the prey. They respect the land they relied on and followed an ancient code. Now we follow their example, reforming an ancient tribe and reliving their legacy for generations as they had before.  [188/100]