A choose your own scene

Jokes on you BlossomCreek, BeachClan's an open border clan, they would have let you in if you shanked their leader, no proof of worth needed. [ft. Amber, BlossomCreek, FalconLeap] [wc:  262/200] 

Before FalconLeap could react the rogue reaching to grab him was yanked away by the scruff, forced backwards onto the ground by a complete stranger. It takes Amber moments to decide that this stranger is an ally and the battle in the distance resumes. Something catches FalconLeap's attention, a lump in his chest as a burning fire rages behind the stranger's eyes, seething and burning anger that looked like it could consume everything in a blaze. For a moment it looks like he's going to kill the rogue but just as quickly that rage flickers out, hidden away behind a look of guilt as the stranger meets his gaze. Suddenly the rogue goes from on his back pinned to released and the stranger gives FalconLeap a reassuring look.

FalconLeap realises himself and the way his face was contorted with horror. He had thought- he shook his head and let his expression rest. The stranger stared at him wary but trusting as the rest of the fighting was easily won by the rest of the guard. 

"What's your name stranger?"

FalconLeap asked, keeping his voice intentionally even.


The new cat replied, tone just as even as he sized up FalconLeap. Amber rushed over, intuition guiding her actions as she offered BlossomCreek a forced gentle smile. 

"You're quite the fighter!"

She spoke, and FalconLeap could feel the she-cat getting ready to try and recruit this new cat. Judging from the waiting expression BlossomCreek wore, he expected as such. He'd proven his worth and now he'd earnt easy entry into any clan he desired.