A choose your own scene

She's was like a mother to me [ft. BerryTHorn, PoppySHine] [wc:  284/200] 

          "-And no matter what I did they were always hyper aware of the door and windows, it's a miracle Cedar and I escaped!"

PoppyShine finished a long rant on her life as a kittypet, confiding in BerryThorn, one of the few cats in the clan who still wore a collar with pride. PoppyShine had started the conversation trying to compare lives but had quickly snow balled into complaining about the cage that had been her two-legs house.

The two were seated on the outskirts of the camp, placed on one of the many sunning rocks that poked out of the ocean.

BerryThorn rolled her weight from one paw to the other, quietly mulling something over in her mind before speaking up, voice gently tentative as PoppyShine's fur slowly rested from where it had puffed up in places.

          "My human was rather lovely, actually."

Almost instinctively BerryThorn searched the clan camp for her mate before turning her attention back towards PoppyShine. 

          "I miss her all the time, but I remind myself I'm with the cat I love now."

For all that she had been in a lady-like rage earlier PoppyShine was not so ignorant to ignore the way BerryThorn cut her sentence off before an 'and'. She had a sneaking suspicion as to what had happened. Her mother had always referred to the two-legs as family and she'd seen cats mourn family before, MantaCove had given everyone a taste of what a mourning orphan looked like. Right now BerryThorn's expression was a splitting image of Manta's and it gave the tortoiseshell point pause. She bit her tongue and swallowed her own sorrows, someone always had it worse, even if they had once had it better.