A choose your own scene

WolfKit does what he wants [ft. PearlGaze, FalconLeap, WolfKit] [wc:  297/200] 

When PearlGaze had woken that morning it was to the shrill realisation that WolfKit wasn't beside her. A million thoughts of worry trampled through her mind and the panic of a mother set in. She had stood too rapidly, almost knocking BreezeKit awake as she stood to run from the nursery to find her mates. Stumbling out of the nursery she hit the soft sand of the camp, eyes scanning the clearing before she resorted to a far quicker resolution. 
         "FalconLeap, StormHeart!" She called, tone managing to stay only slightly elevated with stress despite how much she was internally shaking.

StormHeart's absence was indicative that he was out on patrol but FalconLeap immediately ran to her side, taking some risky leaps from a cliff face on his way. 

         "What is it?" He asked voice low with worry as his knowledge of PearlGaze giving him insight into just how worried she was.
         "Have you seen WolfKit?" She asked, voice dipping into a whisper as she scanned the clearing once again.
         "WolfKit?" FalconLeap repeated, absent in his concern until he repeated the question over once again in his mind.
         "WolfKit." He said once more tone changed to mirror the concern PearlGaze expressed, he scanned the clearing himself.

Faith placed in PearlGaze that she had checked the nursery thoroughly FalconLeap turned to scan the clearing.
He called, watching as several wave runners began looking around in turn, the whole camp beginning to search the many hiding places for a young kit.
A squeaked whispering sound came from the cliffs above and all the panic seeped out FalconLeap and PearlGaze.
Looking up WolfKit sat close to the top of the cove walls, body curled up on a sunny ledge, completely fine as he sat free on his own terms.