A choose your own scene

Alt title [ft. FurzeHeart, BerryThorn] [wc:  203/200] 

Gentle claws rake through his pelt, no harm behind them. Careful pulls through his thick fur gently pulling the knots free from his fur. BerryThorn was dutiful as she avoided the sore spots from the days training, and focused on removing the odd burr that had been picked up from here or there. One gentle pull at a time the anxiety and fear melted away. Then he was pulled from that place suspended on the razors edge, pulled to some place safer, just as the knots were pulled from his fur. He relaxed.
Furze's eyes closed as the world faded out. There wasn't anywhere he really felt safe in the world, but in this gentle spot in his mind, for just a moment of his time the worries faded away. The fear of death wasn't plaguing his conscious, the moral outrage had faded and he felt himself drift into the most peaceful slumber he had managed to achieve in weeks.

As FurzeHeart's breathing evened out and the tension had faded BerryThorn sat quietly beside him. Just for a moment she'd stay guard and keep watch, scaring off the demons that lurked every where these days and offer her friend some peace of mind.