Second Hand

A choose your own scene

Alt title [ft. HoneyPaw, Cinnamon] [wc:  225/200] 

Cinnamon was gentle as she lead HoneyPaw out onto the territory for the first time, showing her the sights, gently offering her a hand every time HoneyPaw become flustered and confused.

HoneyPaw didn't want Cinnamon's help, she didn't want this clan's mock pity. She wanted to go home- to be with her mother and uncle, for her mentor to recognise her. All things that couldn't happen. She didn't remember how she got here, her mentor didn't remember how they got here. MackerelReef insists that they'd shown up on the lagoons shores, washed up from somewhere up river. HoneyPaw struggled to believe that- she'd remember. She'd remember, wouldn't she?

Cinnamon paused, turning to look at HoneyPaw, the apprentice having stalled.

Her tail tapped against HoneyPaw's side, reassuring but also insisting that she keeps moving. They had further to go on their expedition, so many things to show, so many things to teach.

HoneyPaw wasn't a new apprentice but she was new to BeachClan, she'd be treated just like all the other new apprentices, family who needed to earn their responsibilities. HoneyPaw was free to leave if she really wanted to, the stressed that fact but she was also free to stay and be a part of their clan. They're borders were open to those with good will in their heart.

With a huff HoneyPaw kept walking.