A choose your own scene

Recyling loosing prompts [ft. DawnRush, StormHeart] [wc:  299/200] 

          "He's just, gotten under my skin.."
StormHeart said with a huff, his face all screwed up, enamoured with the person he was speaking about, even if his voice sounded cross. DawnRush nodded, he'd been studying the waters waiting for any sign of fish- so far there was nothing. Beside him StormHeart continued to make use of his quiet nature to finally confide in someone about his state of mind.
          "He's the Captain of the guard! I see him everyday and he, he does this thing with his face when he feels challenged, this subtle smile as his eyes light up."
StormHeart's face is all scrunched up now, he wants to be angry but everything else about him screams swooning. DawnRush smiles a little and thinks of RedWhisper. Oh yes, how he loved that tom and being loved in return lit a fire in his soul. Breaking his silence he speaks up to offer StormHeart has good advice.
          "You should tell him how you feel."
His voice was low and rough from never really speaking, but his gaze was sincere, honest and something in StormHeart twisted. It looked like grim resolve, the expression of someone who had just realised they would have to kill their enemy. It was just a love confession. Then again, he thought, he had only loved once, unlike StormHeart.
StormHeart was rushed back to camp, DawnRush at his side. FalconLeap stood in the middle of the camp, challenging CloudDust to some sort of duel. StormHeart approached, said something, said something else.

The two smiled, laughed and then StormHeart dramatically hurried back to DawnRush.

          "I couldn't do it- I couldn't," StormHeart hissed, "don't you dare tell anyone."

Then StormHeart left and DawnRush was left stunned. That was 4 hours of his time he would never get back.