A choose your own scene

Back when they were kids [ft. Manta, BrookPaw] [wc:  217/200] 

It was a small wisp along BrookPaw's sides as she tussled with FlowerPond, it was invisible to most but with Manta's gift- she knew a ghost when she saw one. Although a ghost inside a cat was a first in her life time. She stared along the edges of BrookPaw's form, waiting for that flicker to show again. It wasn't quite right- it wasn't quite hers to see. That was the impression she got as she stared intently at the other apprentice BrookPaw turned, catching her attention, face shifting from amusement to confusion to suspicion.

Brook stared back, all fun having drained from her face, replaced with something older, something that saw what Manta saw and promised blood and bruises if Manta spoke up about what she saw. So they simply stared, Manta watching as those silent wisps of something other worldly plumed off of Brook, her body reeking of the mischief of the damned.

Squinting her eyes she let the other side go out of focus and just as quickly as she had noticed the ghost occupying Brook all traces faded. 

It was just BrookPaw staring at her, amused and confused as to what Manta was looking at. Manta looked away, blinking as well as she could to get some semblance of normality on her face.