Or Magic

A choose your own scene

"I don't wish to be so mundane" [ft. MantaPaw, SageDapple] [wc:  318/200] 

MantaPaw had collected as much chamomile as she could, all of it pinched up in her maw as she trotted back into camp. She'd seen the chamomile and in a moment of clarity known what she needed to do with it. Something in the back of her mind lectured her that she needed to collect as much as she could and return to camp as fast as possible, so she did. Tail high for the first time in her life. 

As she travelled petals of chamomile worked their way from her maw, gently falling to the ground in a trail. Good, whispered the small voice in her mind, let them fall. 

As she entered her den, the voice of instinct and reasoning spoke louder. Ward away threats by sprinkling the petals to the floor, it said and MantaPaw obliged, letting the petals hit the floor, shaking her maw on the odd occasion to ensure the spread far and wide. In the back of her throat she felt a well of determination, letting her will flow.

As the petals settled to the ground and she ran out of chamomile to spread she calmed down, nodding her head.

The sound of chatter approaching the den signalled SageDapple's approach and with a pang of anxiety MantaPaw turned her head to greet her mentor. A nod of acknowledgement was stalled by SageDapple's upset sigh.

          "Did the kits get into the herb supply? Why is there such a mess."

MantaPaw didn't flinch, instead turning to survey the room.

          "I did that, actually."

It was one of the few things her mother had taught her before her death; tell the truth. SageDapple confused reaction, a roll of the eyes and a small shake of the head.


Sage had said, all disapproving glares despite the way she acted like she didn't care. MantaPaw could tell that she didn't approve of the waste of resources.