A choose your own scene

A state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning [ft. MantaPaw, Cinnamon] [wc:  412/200] 

The guard had returned from some tiff near the border, small scratches and a few bruised egos, the rustling of cats into the den causing MantaPaw to stir awake from the first lick of sleep she'd caught all week. She looked upwards, body rocking with exhaustion as she watched SageDapple begin to tend to the minor injuries.

Some small meek part of her mind reasoned that it was her duty to stand up and help out, be the whisperers apprentice, but the rest of her had grown completely disenchanted with the role she played. What had once been a sense of business and belonging had faded out until all that was left was trouble.

From across the way a small hiss sounded out, a cat taking a deep breathe and shaking with seething rage that ran a mile deep. It wasn't aimed at her, how could it be? So MantaPaw let her eyes roam closed, let sleep take it's rein once more.

Day light had been traded for the dull hues of amber when MantaPaw was shoved awake by an angry paw.

She turned around, almost snapping to her own defence. 

          "What in the reef's name is, wrong with you."

Came the voice of none other than Cinnamon. Her tone had started out stern and angry but half way through her rage had twisted and her voice cracked as if tears were on the verge of pouring down her face. Then with a long shaky sob Cinnamon continued to speak.

          "You have everything you could want, the perfect job, the perfect family, an amazing mentor- I'd, I'd kill to be able to live in this den and be able to take care of this clan."

The tears were cascading as Cinnamon shook with what looked to be a long standing grievance, all bottled up and left to stew.

          "I just wish-"

MantaPaw was left a little clueless to the sentiment expressed. 

She didn't want this anymore. She didn't want to be here, she wanted her dead mother back, she wanted her dead brother back, she wanted to be as far away from SageDapple as she could be, she wanted to sleep without being haunted by the dead. 

The two of them wanted the opposite things and in that fact, she was the same.

With a slow blink MantaPaw considered standing up and offering some condolences to Cinnamon but as she leaned forwards to comfort her she found herself routed to her nest.