A choose your own scene

Just because you'd beat someone up doesn't mean you 'd kill jeez brook [ft. CloudDust, BrookShade] [wc:  317/200] 

CloudDust had a way with war.

Fighting was a delicate dance, a display of control, power and intellect and CloudDust was an adept. BrookShade had taken notice of her skills, even if those skills were often horrifically misused. CloudDust was bubbly and rambunctious, equal parts likely to relax by the beach as she was to choose a victim at random to tackle and pin. Brook had been on the loosing side of one of those attacks, flight or fight no where near fast enough to save her. Just as quickly as CloudDust had ran her over, she abated, walking off to chase something shiny, or talk to a friend. Brook was left blinking and confused, quietly wondering how she had never noticed CloudDust's strength before.

It begged the question why CloudDust wasn't in the guard. She could fight, she had skills that could change the waves of battle into their favour. Brook considered asking Amber and Falcon why she hadn't been recruited, she took a great many hours considering that question before she took a different option.

The she-cat in question twitched to attention, eyes wide saucers, maw filled with- Brook took a moment to analyse the tufts of green. Was she holding seaweed? It seemed that way. Cloud stared at her, mortally offended that there wasn't a point developing as to why she had been called.
          "Have you considered joining the guard"

Direct, straight to the point, Brook didn't want to start casual conversation with CloudDust anymore than she wanted to catch fleas.
          "You are an impressive fighter, you could make a difference on patrols."

It was a casual suggestion but the mere thought caused CloudDust's lip to curl.
          "And kill people like you?"

It was a rather angry noise, bordering on a hiss as CloudDust shook her head. Turning off to storm in the opposite direction, BrookShade left confused and hurt in her wake.