"Knowledge has a beginning but no end" - Unknown

Territory, Ranks and other information.


The territory stretches along the seashore, the territory is filled with cliffs, sand, pines and clear blue water. The camp is settled amongst a hidden cove, soft sand under paw and stone cliffs covering from behind and the stone outcroppings covering the worst the ocean has to offer. To the northern side of the territory is doted in step cliffs, rocky outcrops leading into the distance. To the south are sand and stone pools, safe enough for apprentices to learn the art of swimming in the ocean. Located on a rocky outcrop is the sacred place of the clan, cats wait for a low-tide when a rocky path is revealed and climbing to the top of the outcrop is possible. [clan territory: 120/100]



Training Grounds [land training]
Leaisure Area:
Grass Fields: leads to borders south

Surge Channel:

Calm waters:

Pine Forest: leads to borders west

Stuff here

Moon Peak: beyond south border


Do not receive extra lives, they get chances to revive, nine of them. Upon dying their body must be returned to the ocean and submerged within 10 minutes. If they aren't they will die, as such, there is this pressure for the leader to stay with someone and near the ocean. 
They are the final decision makers of the clan, a paternal figure to most. If any kit is abandoned on the clan's territory the leader takes them under their wing. It is up reefclan as to whether or not a cat is worthy of their rank. It can be taken away if the ancestors think it fit.

Takes care of assigning patrols, day to day leading and assisting the leader. There is a lot of debate over whether or not they become leader as it is not specified in the code.

Coral Whisperer
Offering healing, spiritual insight and hexes and curses, the coral whisperers provide medical aid to their clan-mates and a link to their ancestors in reefclan.

Coast guards:
Waver Runners who after evaluation have been reassigned to prioritize the safety of their clan. They take shifts, and normally at least one is assigned on a patrol. They are expected to be more professional, clean cut and have an understanding of fighting techniques that usually beats wave runners. Coastguards put themselves forward to protect the clan, often this places them at great danger. 
Coast Guard Captain;
A more permanent role. They sometimes are changed out if the coast guards believe their captain isn't worthy and take it up with the overseer. The captain of the coast guards is in charge of formations, rollouts and ensuring co-ordinations in fights. They step forward to lead in fights instead of deputies or leaders so that they aren't put in danger. Considered willingly expendable, they usually don't live long.

Ranks cont.

The first born of the coral whisperer, the acolyte is bound to a very solemn duty.  All their life they are to see to the creation and maintaining of ceremonies and memorials. They act as wave runners when they aren't busy with their duties.

Waver runners:
Hunters, swimmers and the living adults of the clan. They spend their days tending to the vitals of life, occasionally joining in patrols but mostly hunting the waves and ensuring their clan doesn't starve.

From age 6 to anywhere from ages 10-12 cats are considererd trainees. They are assigned mentors and participate in a variety of clan activities until they earn the title of wave runner- or in some cases coral whisperer, cove mother or coast guard.

Cove mothers:
Mothers or other cats that have decided to devote their life towards the raising of children. While some consider this the duty of a queen, occasionally cats who aren't ready to become keepers instead become cove mothers, viewing the idea of becoming a keeper meaning that they no longer have use to their clan.

Those who can no longer serve their clan as any other rank resigned to telling their clans history. They are to tell stories and offer insight to any who ask. 


the firstborn of a medicine cat is assigned the title of acolyte- a compromise for letting them have kits. they assist with ceremonies, queenings and memorials for the dead. they train as warriors but have minimal training in herbs.
from births to new mateships, the clan has ceremonies and celebrations for every event and often make up new ones. the clan leader, deputy and acolyte are the ones who organise and lead them.
When any cat dies on BeachClan's territory the clan finds a sizeable piece of driftwood to lay out their dead upon. Once they are on the driftwood, the clan members bring flowers and decorate the body. The acolyte will be pulled aside by clanmates who were close to the deceased and informed about their favourite memories. During the afternoon the Acolyte will give a speech before the clan, detailing the memories they were told and the story of the deceased time in the clan. Once the moon starts rising the driftwood is pushed out to sea, escorted by waverunners if needed. If the body travels safely into the horizon it means they are with reefclan and have received their place among the reefs. [123/100]


the cats of beachclan are known for being whimsical and spiritual, cats who build and defend their family with their life. while most clans follow starclan, reefclan is where their ancestors watch over them. this disagreement over where their ancestors go is what causes most clan's to have a downward view of beachclan. all and all beachclan is known for its beliefs, traditions and value in family. [67/50]