There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” -Edith Wharton

WindPaw [Strike] • male • 7 moons • trainee• note •  #1627

Art drawn by me.

Design by Hawky. Lines by Canis2954.

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Mother: Maree
Father: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Kits: none


Friends: CedarFrost, HoneyPaw, StormHeart, OwlHeart, FlowerPond
Enemies: CloudDust
Apprentice: none
Mentor: CloudDust


Identity: undefined
Crush: none
Mate: none

An introduction

He specializes in exasperated sighs and hundred mile stares that read 'your stupidity has reached a new height and I am reluctantly impressed'. He is of the belief that BeachClan is completely lawless and most of these cats need to be thrown back to the pack of wolves that raised them. He just wants to have order, witty banter and a respectful relationship with their ancestors. Is it really that much to ask?
People would take him more seriously if he could get through one moon without accidentally injuring himself.


A long-haired blue mink point with white spotting and vivid turquoise eyes. He has a few small scratch scars on the shoulder- a testament of his accident prone nature. Build like a Cymric

How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


WindPaw is an exasperated glance, a heavy sigh and and a raised eyebrow. He's got a heap of street smarts and a meticulous attitude. He's hard working, to the point of perfectionism and his commitment to order and procedure often leaves at his wits end in what he describes as a 'lawless clan'. 
Such a stern, all business attitude is constantly kept at bay by his remarkable ability to attract trouble. There isn't a rock that he hasn't tripped over, cliff he hasn't almost stumbled over to say he's accident prone would be putting it mildly. His feet always seem to end up under each other.

WindPaw had a wit as dry as the desert, never one to shy away from adding a comment to a situation, if he has the words he will apply them but otherwise he stays mostly silent. Most people find his ways endearing and as such despite his tone and cheap remarks he makes friends easily and puts people at ease.

He's also rather spiritually minded, finding a whimsy in the afterlife that sates his curiosity and wonder for the universe. He's content waiting and listening to the stories cats tell about their possible afterlives. [200/200]


Scent: Seashells and seaweed
Theme-SongStranger ThingsI Bet My Life
Favourites: - [season], - [prey], - [weather]. 


WindPaw's mother was old, late in having kits. She wanted to be good for him, she really did but for all her faults and flaws her ability to be objective shined above the chaos. She couldn't be a good mother, a good teacher when her health was so rapidly declining, that objectiveness was reflected in WindPaw's eyes and he simply smiled and nodded, understanding when they began travelling from clan to clan, searching for a good home for WindPaw to call his own.

BeachClan immediately connected with him, the stories of ReefClan seeping into his mind and becoming his life blood. He was enchanted by it, completely enchanted by everything about the clan. His mother was pleased, the heartbreak of separation eased by knowing that they were both going to be much happier.

He spent his time as a kit soaking in the stories and growing in his understanding of what waited on the other side of death, always eager to here more, even if it was more of the same. However, once he became a 'paw his complaints with the clan started to grow. The cats who lead this clan were overwhelmed and under supported, the choices they made weren't well planned and his mentor? He couldn't think of a cat less qualified to teach. Someone needed to say something about the state of this clan and it was going to be him. [234/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


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"OH well doesn't that just make absolute sense"
          -WindPaw after listening to CloudDust monologue

"What? No that's not how.. NO."
          -WindPaw to CloudDust

"Well, I mean, you're the mentor."
          -WindPaw to CloudDust

"Nope I'm fine, just, found the wall of the cave.. with my face."
          -Windpaw to MantaPaw

"Yeah I'll hang out with you in a bit ApplePaw I just have to wake my mentor up."
          -WindPaw, most mornings

"Can I lead the hunting patrol instead of her, not sure he's up for it"
          -WindPaw about CloudDust

"Guess that's just part of my charm."
          -WindPaw to ApplePaw