“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” - Earl Nightingale

StormHeart • male • 40 moons • overseer • note •  #0093

Art drawn by wolf ;;

Design by Dia. Lines by Canis2954.

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Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Kits: [BreezeKit] [WolfKit]


Friends: MackerelReef, FlowerPond, CopperSpirit, CedarFrost
Disliked: here
Apprentice: CopperSpirit
Mentor: MackerelReef


Identity: bisexual, polyamorous
Crush: none
Mate: FalconLeap, PearlGaze

An introduction

StormHeart would follow his brother in arm's anywhere.
It's hard to say if his loyalties as overseer lay with his clan or doing his leader, MackerelReef proud. Regardless his heart is in the right place and his storm one to be reckoned with.
He's a traditionalist, moral and stern with the occasional dashes of arrogance.


Long-furred grey brown tom with golden eyes
How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


StormHeart is a moral figure, the compass of good and bad in his head well tuned, always pointing north. He is one for traditions, finding them vital for mental health and happiness. He forms habits, even if it's just cleaning his paws in a specific order, he likes his schedules set and kept, it's what makes him such a good Overseer. Despite being arrogant and seemingly controlling he is extremely loyal and dependant on those he's close too. He'd leap off a cliff to follow the ones he loves and that sort of loyalty is what makes him such a good friend, if not clingy. He's shrewd and critical, with an observant eye. He picks up on the little things and is much more in touch with peoples emotions, not that he is very good at the communication part of things. He comes off as blunt with bad comic timing. He's a pure soul all in all, with ego from seeing the worst of life and coming through it. The way he acts, he comes off like he's untouchable, an aura of arrogance following him whenever he's working. He walks the long walk and stays true to who he is. That's StormHeart. [202/200]


Hobbies: training & teaching, organising 
Leisure: time spent with family
Scent: Grass, honey, petrichor
Theme-SongYou Owe Me,  Ever After
Favourites:  summer [season], mice [prey], overcast [weather].


Storm remembered it like yesterday, the dark plastic of the two-leg garbage bag feeling like a suffocating wrap around his body. It hadn't been his intention to get trapped and yet here he lay, struggling in the grasp of plastic. His cries hadn't fallen on deaf ears, a shouting echoed down the ally as rescue approached. Soon the plastic was ripped from him and he scrambled away, huffing air safely. The cat behind him, another tom had introduced himself as Mackerel, Storm had introduced himself in turn.
The short of it was that he owed his life to Mackerel and Storm would never let that slide. Even if Storm was six moons younger than the cat who had saved him, with as much to learn as he had room to grow. So Mackerel took Storm under his wing, travelled with the kit by his side, teaching him everything he could. They became their own little family, soon being joined by the she-cat Flower. The three of them were inseparable, a home thatStorm remembers he had been denied by so many sources. His mother had abandoned him on the door of two-legs and those two-legs had simply shoed him away. The feeling of being unloved and unwanted seeped into his bones and had weighed him down. Mackerel and Flower changed all that, so when the three of them had a vision- a dream of a faraway land where the sun sank into an endless pool of water, Storm didn't hesitate. Through their travels, even when things seemed hopeless he stuck by Mackerel and Flower, because family, even that which isn't blood, is all you have in this world. [278/200]

Moon 19 to MackerelReef's death 
                two scar events
- fighting alongside falconleap
- falling off a cliff after a period of exhaustion.

                 the rebellion rises
-blindsided by the betrayal, he let's RioSpark get the drop on him
-helpless as maplegaze kills MackerelReef only to be tackled by FurzeHeart who disowns her cause and gravely wounds her.
-kicks RioSpark off of him, abadonons the fight to try to drag Mackerel's body to the ocean to revive him.

                 retiring from overseer
- fails to get MackerelReef to the ocean to revive him.
- becomes dispondent and retires immediately from the overseer position leaving their leadership ranks open
- gives FlowerPond his blessing to become FlowerReef
- retires to be a wave runner to look after his family.

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


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Art by Smol.

Lines by Surge,
Coloured by me.

Art by me. [100]

Art by SurgeFire

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             MackerelReef [best friend]
To say that Mackerel is his best friend is to understate the truth- he's been a father-a brother, a mentor and a friend. Their relationship is that of two kindred spirits and to say that he leans heavily on his best friend would be an understatement. He is dependant on Mackerel; Mackerel is the foundation which Storm built his entire life upon and the thought of loosing him is crippling.

             FalconLeap [mate]
So similar and yet so different. It was the cocky, competitive demeanour that struck a cord in StormHeart, he found himself gravitating towards FalconLeap, always there- watching with his head tilted to the side- wondering what would happen next. It took time and a great deal of tripping over one another for the truth to come out and for the words to be spoken. StormHeart loved FalconLeap from a deep strange place in his chest. FalconLeap is stupid, reckless but more than anything else, FalconLeap is his.

             PearlGaze [mate]
So gentle, so kind- her gentle touch opens his heart and makes the fog in his mind clear. She is light in his life, constant and true. [CONT.]

              FlowerPond [friend]
His best friends mate, FlowerPond holds and equal place of love and respect in his heart. [CONT.]

              CopperSpirit [former apprentice]
Copper has come so far- from the scared terrified apprentice to the diligent, hard-working wave runner he is now. StormHeart can't say how proud he is of what CopperSpirit has become- he just wished he could claim responsibility over how he turned out. No for all his hard work he swears that CopperSpirit became who he was out of some unconscious spite for StormHeart's ways. Where Storm was obsessive, Copper became benevolent- Where Storm was intense, Copper was mild. Yet they still get along- after all, the bond between mentor and apprentice is sacred.

              SageDapple [colleague]