“Search for the seed of good in every adversity.” - Og Mandino

PoppyShine • female • 39 moons • wave runner • note •  #2056

Art drawn by me.

Design by SurgeFire. Lines by Canis2954.

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Mother: Lulu
Father: Unknown
Siblings: CedarFrost
Kits: n/a


Friends: FlowerPond, CedarFrost, BrookShade, Amber, Gally
Disliked: n/a
Apprentice: JuniperPaw
Mentor: FlowerPond


Identity: bisexual
Crush: FlowerPond, Gally, Ashton
Mate: none

An introduction

This lady is 100% verified good stuff, she's one of BeachClans og cats and gets to be in Flower's back pocket all through act two.


Seal tortie point with white.

How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


PoppyShine looks at the world with her head on a tilt, curiosity never sated as she scans every living thing for that sign of something more. She moves through the world, tail carried high and an elegance with every step that often leads people to watch her. She's learnt everything she knows from FlowerPond and she's allowed herself to be shaped to mimic the she-cat as well as she possibly could. She's a copycat- a try hard at learning to mimic the things she finds admirable. Her first subject to mimic was her sister, her second FlowerPond.
She has now perfected a royal visage, gentle footsteps and proper posture. She speaks gently, keeping her laughter muted and fondness well spread amongst her clan mates. Deep down however there isn't much to PoppyShine, if you were to take away everything she has mimicked you'd find PoppyShine a bland she-cat with little to offer but a friendly smile- perhaps this is why she copies those she deems worthy.
There is a code beyond the simple code of the shores, a code of the mothers and a code of love in place of war. It's her hope and goal in life that one day she'll be even half the cat that Flower is.  [210/200]


Hobbies: mimicking,
Leisure: chattering,
Scent: roses, other light delicate smells.
Theme-SongLenka - Everything At Once
Favourites: spring [season], kibble [prey],  [weather]. 


There was never enough information, passion or excitement between the solid plain walls of a two-legs den. Sure Poppy and her sister cedar were well fed, well groomed and treated like royalty but what Poppy craved more than anything else was to become something more.

When the opportunity arose PoppyShine didn't hesitate in leaving for the unknown, every person they met on the journey the two sisters shared leaving an impact on PoppyShine, slowly shaping her personality as she instinctively mirrored the traits of those around her.

When they found BeachClan PoppyShine immediately latched onto the leader's mate, FlowerPond, admiring her skills and personality she strived to become as much like the dilute tortoiseshell as she could. To say that she had a crush would be an understatement.

Over the moons she became a fixture in the community, namely in her ability to act as a replacement to FlowerPond due to her ability to think inside FlowerPond's mind and mimic her opinions. Outside of that PoppyShine has enjoyed her time as a wave runner, never seeking much more success, PoppyShine's early past was eventful and filled with adventure, but her future seems to be destined towards a dull life living in the shadows of others. [205/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


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