“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar

PearlGaze • female • 41 moons • wave runner • note • #2003 

Art drawn by me.

Design by Neah. Lines by Canis2954.

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Mother: Laena
Father: With'r
Siblings: Snow
Kits: WolfKit, BreezeKit


Friends: BerryThorn, CloudDust, CopperSpirit, Amber, CinderPaw, HoneyPaw, WindPaw, CedarFrost
Disliked: none
Apprentice: none
Mentor: Laena


Identity: bisexual, polyamorous
Crush: none
Mate: StormHeart, FalconLeap

An introduction

Meet the only lady who could ever love StormHeart and FalconLeap despite their quirks. She's a soft hearted soul who doesn't want to thinks she's a pacifist but is. She has a British accent and quite a few mannerisms to follow. She's friends with a lot of people and has learnt to work around her over developed sense of empathy by becoming good with her words.


White with striking orange eyes. She's thin with remarkably soft fur. She's dainty and that reflects in how she sits and walks. She gives off the impression of rather fancy and delicate, good manners that suit her brittish accent.


PearlGaze is gentle, delicate, ladylike. Pearl is a lady of great taste and wisdom- or is it whimsy. She has a natural way with words, easily capable of talking someone into believing her opinions as facts. She has discerning tastes and a good sense of character that plays in well with her well developed sense of empathy.

For all the give and take she can display, she's a stickler for the rules, has a strong moral code and has a hard time swaying herself from it even at the cost of her own health. Pearl can be hard on those she cares about, never one to sway away from being stern or direct. She draws a line in the sand and while she won't project her moral beliefs onto others, she also won't allow you to disrespect others or yourself.

She never raises a paw to others, fighting all her battles with her words and wits. A pacifist. She'd never really be able to bring herself to harm another and even if she did, it a fit of anger, harm another cat, the guilt would settle heavily on her shoulders. Above all else she's a loving, wholehearted cat who touches the lives of everyone she knows. [206/200]


Scent: Roses and other spring flowers.
Theme-SongIn The Middle1955

Favourites: - [season], - [prey], - [weather]. 


Their family was a small one, one that depended on each other and had owned their small block of land without much trouble for generations. Her mother was kind and gentle, a lady who lead by the best example, her father was reserved but had a belief that every trial and tribulation was for each persons benefit in the long run. Her only brother was nuisance, cruel and overbearing, someone who bullied her every chance he got.

After setting her brother straight, standing up for herself Pearl and Snow reached adolescence and left to explore the world for themselves. They travelled here and there, staying one evening at a tribe. That evening quickly became moons for Snow, who had finally found someone capable of putting up with his transgressions.

With heavy hearts Pearl bid farewell to her brother and went on travelling. She travelled for quite some time before she crossed paths with a Coast Guard patrol. Her first interactions with FalconLeap started the fire that would later blossom into a fully fledged love and commitment, one they would share with StormHeart.

Now surrounded by a new family with kits of her own PearlGaze looks forward to the way her children will allow their legacy to bloom.[207/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


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            FalconLeap & StormHeart
They have this tough boy relationship where they are all business and then look at each other in the corner of their eyes and just blush. Always checking in on each other, sharing nests. She keeps them together and they both have huge highschool crushes on her and it's just a lot of flustered serious boys.
StormHeart often messes up what he wants to say- shoe in his mouth kinda thing and Pearl just has this way of translating him before he digs a hole he can't get out of. She brings out the playful side in FalconLeap and measures his overambitious daredevil stunts. Keeps both her boys in check and they love her for it. Their nickname for her is "Our little pearldrop"