"When all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family and friends." - Barbara Bush

MackerelReef • male • 46 moons • leader • note • #1360 

Art drawn by saraphena

Design by solas. Lines by Canis2954.

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Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: unknown
KitsMallowKitReefKit, DaisyKit


Friends: StormHeart, FlowerPond, MantaPaw, BerryThorn, OwlHeart
Disliked: Amber, BrookShade
Apprentice: StormHeartCedarFrost, OwlPaw
Mentor: Ark


Identity: heterosexual
Crush: none
Mate: FlowerPond

An introduction

Founder of BeachClan. More information Please future me.


A blue tabby with matted fur and yellow eyes. Extrememly large and fluffy, with plenty of fur to spare. Any clan cat that hears his voice could probably pin the city cat accent that lays under his tone, similar what you would hear in new orleans. Most cats think of him as a big fluffy, soft hearted, teddy bear.


Soft of heart, strong of mind and body. MackerelReef is full of pride, for his people and for his cause. The land they live on is their home, their destiny and he burns with overprotective desire to keep his people safe. Never mistake this tom's steadfast, domineering side for an inability to change. When change comes knocking Mackerel is the first to adjust his behaviour and outlook, it was what allowed him to survive in the city for as long as he did. Adapt fast or die faster was the train of thought that always echoed in this toms mind. MackerelReef is a loving paternal figure to any who will let him in, doting over those he adopts as his children. No-one can deny how much he cares and loves those who fall into his care. The growth of the clan has been pushed forward by Mackerel's love for his  clan and willingness to welcome promising felines into his family. Ambitious, with the will to push forward for bigger and better dreams, dreams which often come from his spiritual beliefs. In the end, of course, he is still abrasive, often rubbing people the wrong way with first impressions. Never afraid of putting his interests before the whims of his clan-mates. Put bluntly, which he often is, he is always right. Even when he is wrong, which he can be frequently, it is the fights and battles he picks which makes him a good leader. [244/200]


Hobbies: Debating, Mangaging 
Leisure: Swimming, beach side napping.
Scent: sea mist, coral and vanilla
Theme-SongNothing MoreThus Always to Tyrants
Favourites: summer [season], fish [prey], storm fronts [weather]. 


Silence carried over the air as Mackerel looked over the open waters, Flower to his right and Storm to his left, the three of them standing proud as the moon rose over the horizon. They had travelled far and wide chasing ghosts but now deep in their souls they knew that finally they were home. "It's exactly how I remember it in my dreams," cooed Flower, resting her head on their budding leaders shoulder. 
In the alleys of the two-leg city, three scraggly loners pressed against each other for warmth experienced the same breathless image. The dream depicted endless water, beautiful stars and inside the water, as they fell deep into the ocean, hundreds of star covered cats rose from the deep blue. Startled awake they had all buzzed with excitement as they recounted their dreams, souls overcome with wanderlust for this far away land. They travelled, day after day, restless and wide-eyed as they kept moving, never stopping on their quest. They saw mountains, valleys and once even encountered snow-covered pines. The moment they found their current territory it was a moment of pure euphoria, knowing they had found their home. This would be nothing however, compared to the night MackerelReef became a true leader with nine lives. [209/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


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B1 [+flower], A new Face [+ cooper], Discovery [+Storm, Flower], Clan Camp [+ multiple], ReefClan [solo], Run [+ Copper], Tired [+ MantaPaw, Storm, Falcon], Rebound [solo],


".. We'll need something more long term, something permanent and you two already seem to have planned this all ahead of me. Did you honestly think that I wouldn't approve? That I wouldn't hear you out? I ought to deny the coast guards creation but I won't. Build the guard but remember I am your leader and everything goes through me and StormHeart."
          -MackerelReef to Amber and FalconLeap

MantaPaw: "'You're safe now little ones, I promise no harm will come to you' That's what you said MackerelReef, word for word- do you honestly think I wouldn't remember? I trusted you!"
MackerelReef: "..I hoped you wouldn't, I hoped I could have kept you safe. I did my best."
MantaPaw: "Is it that hard to say sorry?"

"I look like a cat who doesn’t know what his world is anymore."
          -Mackerel to Flower

Flower: "Do you love me?
Mackerel: "Stars I love you, I love you so much Flower, you are the moon in my sky, the light of my life, my everything-"
Flower: "I'm not your everything. The ancestors are your everything."
Mackerel: "You are my everything else,and there's a lot more to my life than my dreams, because, I can be awake, I'm awake and I'm with you."