"If we knew each other's secrets, what comforts we should find" - John Churton Collins

FurzeHeart • male • 39 moons • Coast Guard • note • #2244

Art drawn by me.

Design by Oceanfosh. Lines by Canis2954.

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Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Kits: none


Friends: BerryThorn
Enemies: here
Apprentice: here
Mentor: JaggedClaw


Identity: here
Crush: here
Mate: here

An introduction

FurzeHeart my poor soft child. He's aligned with the big bad of BeachClan's plot but he's weak for people treating him well and it's hard to say if he'll remain loyal to the rebels.


Longhaired lilac with low white and gold eyes.
How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


FurzeHeart is a cat of two minds, two sides that are constantly in turmoil with one another. On one side, he is gentle, kind and filled with love and affection for those around him, somewhat shy and introverted with a desire to make other peoples lives easier, on the other hand he is brazen, harsh and cruel. From a young age his wilful optimism was worn down and replaced with a bitter resentment for life. Every action he takes isn't his own, but instead training to be strong and capable that was passed on from his mentor. Kindness is a weakness and designed to be exploited, strength is in being indifferent to the suffering of others. Despite how he was raised. he craves affection from others, even if such affection would force him to burst into tears or anger. "To smile feels like pulling a muscle," he confesses to his friends as they ask him what's wrong. Despite himself he desperately wants to change and will take any oppportunity given to him to better himself, even if that means betraying the cause he would have once killed for. Underneath it all he is a fragile and gentle soul with a hefty deal of trauma to work through- he needs someone he can trust to help him through it.


Favourites: - [season], - [prey], - [weather]. 


Settling on the outskirts of the clan Furze kept his breathing steady as he set his gaze upon the tree line that was beginning to thin out. He was steady as he walked a little aimlessly into the territory they'd run through the motions a billion times so when a brown muddy coloured tom walked out from behind the shadows that fell across the forest floor he raised his tail into a question. The tom seemed to mimic his posture, open and questioning no sign of hostility.
                  "I've heard that you give people second chances here,"
His voice came out in a stunted whisper, exactly the opposite of what he had been planning. He'd wanted to sound cool and confident, he wanted to sound like he'd already called this clan home and everything else was just procedure. Instead he sounded tired and hopeful, like some hidden part of him was reaching out after the years of abuse and hoping. That was the worst part; hoping. When you hoped for something you would be let down and when you were let down it was never with ease.
Yet FalconLeap looked at him and this warm gentle expression ran over his features that Furze began mirroring a little breathe of relief escaping him. He didn't know why he cared so much. JaggedClaw had taught him better. These cats were murders, he believed that, he had to.

FalconLeap introduced himself, he began running through the details about their clan, the rules and the expectations if he was to stay. Furze nodded his head as his heart made a long list of complain in his chest as anxiety rolled through him like the waves that he could now see cascading against the land. 

As FalconLeap lead him down to the entry of their camp he found himself pausing attention caught on a familiar face in the crowd. BerryThorn stood beside her mate, face mixed between a laugh and a smile as she spoke about something that was clearly hilarious. It had been three months since he last saw her and everything that had happened between then and now had left his heart beating cold.

Seeing her again was like the first warm sunshine after a long winter and he almost ran over to speak with her. He remembered himself in time.

Life as JaggedClaw's first apprentice had been a major blow to his ego. It wasn't until Cherry and Berry came to their little rebellion that everything changed. Berry had taken the shell that he was and infused him with a new light, new hope. She had been like a sister to him and when she had left she'd taken that light with her.

Now he had his sister back he promised her wasn't going to loose her again. [465/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


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