It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” - Seneca

An introduction

He's an adrenaline junkie, almost always in motion.


Cinnamon with a small patch of white on chest and orange glowing eyes. His short hair is riddled with grime and thin patches from repeated bumps and bruises. His voice is deep and monotone, relatively even despite his overly expressive face. It's not rare for flares of sarcasm of strangled humour to seep into his voice but only those who have known him for long enough would notice it. He's of average build with strong muscles and stout whiskers.


FalconLeap learnt to run before he learnt to walk, not because he was running away but because he was running to. He was always biting at danger, threading the needle between death and excitement. Truly FalconLeap is the one cat who you can trust to follow off a cliff- if he jumps it's because he knows he can survive. He lives for the excitement that each jump, each leap into the unknown can carry with it some new adventure.
He earnt his place as the Coast Guard Captain for this willingness to go forward, to see more and go beyond. This position has groomed in him a sense of professionalism and polite kindness that makes him approachable to most if not all cats. Underlying that is a thick charm- a confidence that comes from his hobbies. Once that charm begins to seep it's way to the surface it's only a matter of time before the learnt professionalism fades and the fun loving risk taker takes over.
With that comes arrogance, and a competitive nature that often takes over the rest of his life. He has trouble turning down an offer of healthy competition- or even dangerous competition. Without someone keeping tabs on him and acting in place of his completely absent self preservation he'd most likely injure himself. [218/200]

Art drawn by SurgeFire.

Designed by PBR. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: FalconLeap
Gender: male
Age: 40 moons
Rank: Coast Guard Captain

Identity: bisexual, polyamorous



Temperance was named by her aunt, she was named after her steady balance and harmony. She had a single kit, she named him Falcon, having hated the ambiguous name she had been given. Mystic, his great aunt, had numerous opinions on what that name meant. Temperance called her a harpy with each chance she could, trying to create space between her and Falcon. Ultimately it failed, in his eyes Mystic became the holder of forbidden knowledge. 
She told him many things, about the future she saw for him, about the little falcon that rested in his chest and called him to fly. She warned him that his burning passion to soar could be his downfall if he let it, that ambition was fine as long as you kept yourself tethered to the earth. Up in the sky, flying higher and higher it would be so easy to become lost and isolated- just like his mother.

He grew, Temperance said that he didn't grow, he exploded. One day he was just a kit the next he was full grown, a tom. He started running, jumping- he'd always loved doing it as a kit but now when he put his full force into pushing off the branches he wasn't just jumping, he was flying.

The earth was too low where he was born, he wanted to travel, find longer leaps, higher mountains. He wanted to find danger.

He never did say goodbye to his mother, nor his great aunt. He intended to, he really did but as his eyes met with his aunts he knew that she understood. There was no sense in explaining it to her when she already understood. So he left. [282/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: mud, dust and sea spray
Theme-song: What's Up Danger,

Hobbies: rock climbing, diving, literally anything risky
Talents: Excellent spacial awareness


Favourites: spring [season], doves [prey], storms [weather].



Mother: Temperence
Father: unknown
Siblings: none


FriendsAmberStormHeart, VineMist,  BrookShadeWindPaw
EnemiesCloudDust [mock]
Apprentice: VineMist


Identity: bisexual, polyamorous
Crush: n/a
Exes: none


See Me [+ StormHeart], Cursed [+ DeerStride], Tired [cameo],  Double time [+ CloudDust], Clan Camp [cameo]


"It's just a leap of faith, worst thing that happens is you fall"
          - FalconLeap speaking to MantaPaw
"You- Me? Us? I'd be- Stars above and Reefs below! Yes I love you, and yes you too StormHeart!"
          - FalconLeap to PearlGaze and StormHeart
"I can't believe it, is this really sand, all my life I'd been hoping and praying to see the beautiful golden glow of a sandy beach and now thanks to you I finally get to live my dream."
          -FalconLeap to amber [sarcastically]


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Art by duwu

Art by dimi.

Art by kiffell.

Lines by Surge,
Coloured by me.

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