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An introduction

Train wreck of a she-cat who loves danger, living on the edge and family. She fights everyone, she'll fight you, she'll fight a wall, heck I was walking down the street yesterday and clouddust came up and attacked my ankles- it was really uncool.


Seal rosetted lynx point with sky-blue eyes. Her fur is scruffy, matted and often coated in dirt. To say that she doesn't groom often would be an understatement. She's confident in how she holds herself and has a slightly oriental build, with a thin frame and body. 


She's a mess really; cool, relaxed and completely over the top. First impression will always lead cats to describing CloudDust as intense. She doesn't see boundaries as boundaries as much as she sees them as 'friendly suggestions'. It's not unlike CloudDust to step into your personal space and make a home there. If you inform CloudDust that she is too close she will politely step out of your space only to momentarily reclaim her position once she becomes entrenched in conversation again; truly a loosing battle.
CloudDust also has a sense of adventure that verges on flirting with disaster. She has a competitive attitude that's on the verge of making her a dare devil. "Hey do you dare me to-" is a string of words that come out of her maw more often than her clan-mates are comfortable with.
Nothing is more important than family. Not blood family, necessarily, any cat that comes close enough is worthy of the title of family and those who fall into CloudDust's family can depend on her devout defence. Of course, while CloudDust is ready to throw down all the time and has now quarrel with injuring another cat she has a policy about death and dying. No matter what a cat has done, she outright refuses to kill. The thought that she could ever cause another cats life to end is something that could be considered her greatest fear; she could do it after all, she's strong enough- just one wrong move. [249/200]

Art drawn by me.

Design by liightning. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: CloudDust
Gender: female
Age: 47 moons
Rank: wave runner

Mate: none
Identity: demiromantic



CloudDust doesn't have a history, per say, as much as she's had long line of incidents. From her time as Cloud, a loner who was in everyone's business but no-ones. She was trouble, as far as any cat was concerned and while she stayed a few nights with groups here and there she ultimately ended up back travelling.

There are a few clans here and there that still have her outlawed after she started a fight with their leader for strange reasons, be it a dare from the apprentices or whispers of concern by the elders. She was always far to willing to fight for someone else's cause, after all. 
Her life has really been a long line of barely notable events leading up towards her inevitable shift in loyalty to become part of BeachClan. While most clan's found her behaviour disruptive BeachClan was far more tolerant and slow to anger regarding her bravado. Time had lead to CloudDust accepting these cats as her first family. She'd always wanted one, an orphan with no siblings.

After several long patrols the she-cat has found herself growing close to a couple cats in particular. OwlHeart and BerryThorn are her closest friends, OwlHeart in particular. Although that feeling is hardly mutual. [208/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: Mud, dirt, lavender
Theme-song:  Timebomb,  Only the Lonely Survive

Hobbies: mentoring, fighting, story telling, sun bathing, exploring
Talents: rock climbing

Religion: SpiritClan
Beliefs: Belief doesn't have a strong place in her heart 

Favourites: summer [season], fish [prey], sunny [weather].

OtherDating profile


Mother: Sky
Father: Rain
Siblings: DewDapple, Fog.
Kits: none


Enemies: FalconLeap [mock]
Mentor: none


Identity: demiromantic
Crush: none
Mate: none
Exes: here






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Art by me

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