Do what you feel in your heart to be right. You’ll be criticized anyway.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

"They mess you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had- and add some extra, just for you" - Philip larkin (modified ver.)

An introduction

She's an alright gal with a bubbly, fix it attitude that's only soured by the early months of her life. Her unfaithful mother, the father who raised her and the father who made her all took part in making the first part of her life difficult. She was held at the center of a disagreement that she couldn't understand and ended up feeling responsible for. It took her time to heal but shes finally becoming comfortable settling down in a clan and owning her name, cinnamon, with pride!


Cinnamon tortie with orange eyes. She has a gentle accent and walks with a well renowned trot. Her limbs are thing and spindly, yet she isn't tall instead rather stocky. She doesn't have any scars and always seems to be happy and bubbly.


Cinnamon is a blundering breeze of positivity and vibrance. If there is anything going wrong in your life you best keep it to yourself unless you want to have Cinnamon swoop in and do her best to offer kind advice and suggestions. While some would offer you the hard truth, Cinnamon will gently support you and try to push to be better with support alone. She's not the best at twisting the arms of others, in fact it's her paw which is often being forced. While she'd like to think she could stand up for what she morally believes in she barely has the will to stand up for herself.
She's the kind of cat to flinch when shouted at, turn heel when pursued and definitely has benefited from the pursuit of medicine in place of fighting. When she sees other people suffering or angry she holds herself responsible for making things better. She's slowing building her courage and confidence in herself. Ideally her self-love will follow and she'll finally view herself as a worthwhile part of the clan.She has a lot of healing to do mentally and until she reaches that point she will build up others and make them more than she will ever be. [208/200]

Art drawn by denja.

Design by SurgeFire. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: Cinnamon
Gender: female
Age: 28 moons
Rank: wave runner

Mate: none
Identity: here

Page: #1762


Her mother was a saint on her good days and a harpy on her bad days. Her father treated her like she had stepped forth from the dark forest and proclaimed the death of all things good with her first breath. Then there was Oak, he cared. He always made sure she was doing okay, that she was happy. When he was around her mother was happy, when her father was around- she felt like the tension in the air was going to split the world in half.

It made sense, she would soon find out that her father was not her father, Oak was her father. Once she knew it only made things worse- the dots connected between everything she had seen and everything she was. Once she found out it was only days before everyone else knew. Her mother and father were scorned. Without having done wrong, she was cast into their folly.

As the tension rose and fell it always ended on her. It was her who had ruined the peace, if she had simply not existed they could all be happy and rest easy. Cinnamon couldn't stand it. She fled, an apprentice, running away without turning back, she couldn't be at peace with the betrayal of her parents weighing on her soul. [216/200]

There are two people you fall in love with in life, those you should and those you shouldn't.

Marigold raised her head off of her mate's side, eyes moving to the amber eyes of Oak. Their gaze met momentarily and the intensity of emotions that travelled between them were many things, but mostly and above all else they were forbidden. She turned her head and closed her eyes, taking in a deep breathe of her mates scent. Sunny was the one she had been assigned and he would be the one she loved even if her heart veered towards another.

The following morning she awoke to feeling of sickness in her stomach, something she was beginning to grow familiar with. It was a tell tale sign that she had known and expected since the first time she had felt it, the emotions that accompanied it were a mixture of good and bad. She wanted to be a mother, she loved kits and the thought of having her own brought her unending joy. Then there was the fear, the worry because she couldn't be certain whose kit she was expecting.

For the sake of her reputation in her tribe she hoped the kid belonged to Sunny, he had expressed his interest in having kittens multiple times. He'd be a great father. Yet for the sake of her heart she hoped that it would be Oak's kit. She'd loved him for as long as she'd had love in her heart. Sunny would be a great father but with Oak they'd have a real family.

Ideally she'd never have to tell either of them, she could have the kit in secret and avoid the confrontation of the lies she had built and continue to live the best of both worlds. She could have the love and kindness Sunny offered and the understanding and genuine love that she felt with Oak. 

She stood up from their shared nest and left, eyes yet again meeting with Oak who had woken not long after she had. He knew. Of course he did, he was smart, analytical with a whimsy to him that had swept her off his feet. He gave her a look, concern and adoration that made her melt. She smiled at him and kept moving to leave the den. He was too kind.

When the form that followed her out of camp wasn't Oak but Sunny she felt her heart grow irate, not that she would show it or really blame the tom. He was genuine in his concern where she was dishonest. He was too good for someone like her.

        "Are you okay?"

Sunny asked, his voice tentative all concern and hope.

        "I'm pregnant"

        ".. are they mine?"

The worry in his voice made Marigold doubt herself and how sneaky she thought she had been. Maybe it was something that a mate felt deep in their gut when they had been betrayed, maybe Marigold had been seen with Oak. There were so many questions in her mind she simply turned to Sunny and promised,

        "of course."

In the end Marigold had a single daughter, a tortoiseshell who had taken the features of both her parents. Bright orange just like her mother, with matching tabby stripes and cinnamon. Cinnamon just like Oak. As Sunny walked into the healer's den for the first time and laid his eyes upon his daughter he found that there wasn't a place for him in this den.


Sunny stated, his understanding burning like rage and disappointment across his face. The healer had thought he was naming their tortoiseshell daughter and went on about how beautiful of a name that would be. But between Marigold and Sunny it was something completely different. Sunny was a bright cream coloured cat and there was none of him it that kit.

And cinnamon was the first promise she ever broke. [647]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Theme-song: c'mon,



Favourites: autumn [season], squirrel [prey], clear-skies [weather]



Mother: Marigold
Father: Oak
Siblings: none
Kits: none


Enemies: none
Apprentice: HoneyPaw
Mentor: Sunny


Identity: Asexual
Crush: none
Mate: none
Exes: here






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