“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of our desire to understand.” - Neil Armstrong

An introduction

A permanent cove-mother with a love for reefclan, she had once wanted to be a coral whisperer but her desire to be around kits was always stronger. She loves stories of higher powers, magic and the mystical.


Long-haired seal point cat with white paws and chest and green eyes. Soft fluffy long fur, average build with a slightly oriental face. How they walk, any accent, and resting facial expression.


CedarFrost is devout, religious and adamant that in all aspects of the mundane is a hidden sparkle of something more, something magical. Some would say that she over complicates the truth with her dreamy demeanour towards their ancestors but she's of the opinion that she isn't dreamy enough. 
She's calm and clear-headed, a good thinker, even if she does think allot more than needed. When shouting is occurring CedarFrost can be seen calmly watching things go down, mannered and tentative with her approach to life. She is also frugal, never demanding much from the people around her, more willing to push the luxuries of life towards those she deems more willing. She's also a purist, believing that everyone should remain as they were, unchanged by others, always believing what they think is right. Nobody should change what they feel is right about themselves at the whim of another and this is a belief which has rubbed many cats the wrong way. She isn't too upfront about her beliefs but if she thinks that someone is changing, for good or bad, too much towards the personality of another she'll speak up. CedarFrost is also a strong maternal figure to any who will allow her. [203/200]

Art drawn by steamplonk.

Design by Dia. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: CedarFrost
Gender: female
Age: 39 moons
Rank: Cove Mother

Crush: none
Identity: here

Page: #0524


They were born into the quiet lifestyle of kitty pets, not quite purebred but regal enough in appearance to catch the attention of anyone who wasn't discerning enough to tell the difference. They were their mother's little princesses, saints who could do no wrong. They had the world at their disposal, food on silver platters but for Cedar? She could only think of more. Of beyond, the way the sun rose and fell far beyond her reach- the thought that if she travelled far enough she could reach that burning bright light and touch it with her own paws and feel the warmth trickle through her.

That was her dream and if throwing away and easy life filled with food and pampering was what it took then she would throw it with all her strength. She set out into the world with her sister at her side, clumsy and unprepared but daring enough to keep trying no matter how hard they fell. By some small fortune they managed to avoid the worst of life in the wild before stumbling across BeachClan. For the first time she saw where the sun went when it set, collapsing deep into the ocean and while she couldn't touch it, she felt warm. [208/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: milk, herbs and honey
Theme-song: Nattoppet,  Secret For The Mad

Hobbies: star gazing, gathering herbs, swimming in the bay

Religion: reefclan

Favourites: - [season], - [prey], - [weather]. 

Other: CedarFrost is known to speak in an articulate but verbose manner.


Mother: Lulu
Father: unknown
Kits: n/a


Enemies: n/a
Apprentice: n/a


Identity: Undefined
Crush: PetrelBreeze
Mate: n/a
Exes: here

Relations expanded

FlowerPond- her sisters mentor, she knows FlowerPond realtively well but has mixed feelings. In the end she's still her friend.
PoppyShine- her sister! these two are thick as theives, or atlest they once were, they seemed to have drifted apart
SageDapple- She was sage dapple trainne for a short half month and the two still are connected
MackerelReef- [mentor realtion, distant] 
OwlPaw- [maternal relation]
MantaCove- [maternal relation]


Colors [solo], Sea Sparkle [solo],


"Be still my love, you're only getting yourself in a huff with no rhyme nor reason"
          -CedarFrost to a young OwlKit


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