Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” -Buddha

An introduction

She's one of the 'half reincarnated' cats in my clan. She isn't a proper reincarnation but she shares a part of the ancient cat Pine's soul. She will be the leader after FlowerPond and the first 'Star leader of BeachClan. She's got a lot of personal growth to go before she's ready to lead.


A black tortie smoke with small patches of white and green eyes. She is large, with stocky limbs and various scars. Her ear is nicked with scratches on her shoulder, back and front left paw. She's always look rather pensive and serious but will often break that to laugh like a mad man. 


BrookShade is a large cat, thick fur, thick shoulders and thick mystery. She's a hard one to place- yes Brook coverts her role in the clan and places a high value on her capacity to perform her duties. She works hard, day and night as if trying to prove herself worthy, not for something she wants to earn, but for something she already has. As if earning all her dreams and aspirations was a fluke and if she doesn't keep working she'll be outed as some sort a con artist.
She's so deeply wrapped up in her own narrative, in her own future and past, shaking her free from it can be difficult. Yet if you pull her from her own thoughts and plans she opens up into a relaxed, easy-going girl with plenty of sass and jokes to spare. She can be tactful, sweet and deep down she's rather sentimental. When she finds someone she cares for she has a tendency to grab a hold of them and keep them close. She's been burnt by the cold hands of death before and she copes with those losses by keeping the ones she cares for close and the ones she loves even closer. [203/200]

Art drawn by SurgeFire.

Design by me. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: BrookShade
Gender: female
Age: 20 moons
Rank: Coast Guard

Identity: Pansexual, Polyamorous

Page:  myo #29


She was born on a silent night, her mother tucked away into a nest built in the bushes in a rush. Two small bundles of fur, that brought with them only happiness. There is one thing their mother will never tell you about the night they were born. She would never speak of the long moment in which Brook failed to breathe her first breathes, the seconds that passed by before she was spurred into life by an unseen touch. River didn't believe in ghosts, she didn't believe in fairy tails but she did believe in a mother's instincts and this was something River would take to her grave.

They travelled here and there with their mother for some time, spoiled by her apparently excellent hunting and somewhat boisterous and adventurous, Brook veered their path stubbornly following an instinct deep in her gut. It was at the age of four moons that she would lead her mother and brother into stumbling upon the open and friendly borders of BeachClan, a place where her mother would learn that they were staying.

After some convincing and Brook contagious desire to become one of this clan's members, it was only a couple moons before the two siblings were given proper clan names and mentors. While LoonPaw ended up with CopperSpirit, BrookPaw was blessed with FlowerPond as a mentor. The cat chosen to teach her was wise, inspired and quite lovely.

While FlowerPond had an indefinite amount of skills to teach it quickly became apparent that BrookPaw had an unnatural talent for fighting, as if the moves had been ironed into her, it was touch and go, like the muscle memory was there but unused. Some moments it was like another cat was using her paws to guide her, step by step. At first it was a point of pride, that she was learning faster than anyone else.

The more she fed that guiding force the more it took over and it wasn't long before she'd close her eyes to the memories of someone else. That was where she drew the line in the sand, it was where she put her paw down and refused that guiding force. She would take the positives but refused to let the consequences touch her.

By the times he gave up her guiding hand it was time for her naming ceremony. BrookShade, in reference to her demeanour mysterious demeanour and a quiet admission to her underhanded tactics in battle. She had also been given her first trainee, CovePaw. That union lasted only 3 days before the young trainee was found murdered the lonesome trainee's den. A death that BrookShade swore defiantly that she would avenge. The aggressive chorus of vengeance that echoed out of her throat was mirrored by her clan-mates and soon cats stepped forward as a defending force against those who had harmed CovePaw and those who would harm the rest of them.

The chorus, although started by BrookShade became piloted by FalconLeap and Amber and it wasn't long before they and a few others had formed a net of highly motivated and ambitious fighters that MackerelReef would name the Coast Guard.

They would be put to their first test a moon later when the scent that had lingered over CovePaw's body was picked up on the border. In the fight that broke out, BrookShade's ear was ripped and forearm scarred. What left an impression on her, however, was the form of MackerelReef falling dead to the floor and the taste of the monsters blood on her tongue.

MackerelReef had died that day, but he had also survived- springing back to life the second his body was submerged in the water. The guilt of not stopping the apparent loss of life struck deep in her core just as deeply as taking a life did. Deep inside her something reaches out, offering solace if she just takes it's guiding hand. [653/200]

Act 1
After being appointed as a Coast Guard she was given another trainee, ApplePaw.
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent:  lemon grass, mud and something ancient
Theme-song: Here Before Wolf

Hobbies: fighting, star-gazing, spending time with family
Talents: nautral fighting ability

Religion: StarClan
Beliefs: There are forces to life stronger than you can imagine.

Favourites: autumn [season], finches [prey], rain [weather].

Other: shares part of her soul with Pine, the ancient pantehon of war.


Mother: RiverWhisper
Father: Kirlo [step dad: CopperSpirit]
Siblings: LoonThorn, PuddleKit
Kits: TinyKit [adopted],


FriendsFalconLeapMantaPaw, DewDapple, FallowWing
Enemies: MapleGaze
ApprenticeCovePaw, ApplePaw


Identity: Pansexual, Polyamorous
Crush: here
Exes: none

Relations expanded

FalconLeap- they practice fighting together, 
Amber- mixed feelings, they were once close, amber fueled her ambition, now amber wants to pull her back, steer her in a new direction. Amber says that BeeStrike is something special, something she shouldn't loose.
MantaPaw- they grew up together and bonded over the shared death of CovePaw. MantaPaw is the reason for BrookShade to do what she does and while she may have oppinions about the coral whisperers downward spiral she still loves her like a little sister.
DewDapple- her best friend, they share a lot in common.
FallowWing- They grew up together, while they have drifted with age, she still considers her a friend.
LoonThorn- her little brother [but they are the same age!!?!] she teases him relentlessly but cares for him deeply. He's overprotective and stupid but he's family.
RiverWhisper- her mum, she loves her!
CopperSpirit- Mixed feelings, her new dad, her mum's new mate. If he breaks her mother's heart too.. well it won't be pretty.
PuddleKit- Her half brother! Mixed feelings.
CovePaw- Her first apprentice, he's dead now and it bothers her that she couldn't protect him.
FlowerPond- her mentor, mixed feelings about her but they are close. 
ApplePaw- her new apprentice, she wants the best for her.
MapleGaze- she doesn't know why, she doesn't know what. Something in the back of her mind whispers "this cat is tainted, scatter her blood across the beach." She avoids her. 
BeeStrike- She doesn't like her, she doesn't like her- she.. is just stuck in her head. Alright she likes her, loves her! Bee is the calm on the waves, the gentle hum of crickets at dusk. Brook wants to be with her more than she is willing to admit.


No replacement [+ApplePaw], Only You [solo],


"Sometimes it feels like I've seen this all before. Like it's all going to happen again and I can't remember what happened last time. It scares me MantaPaw, I'm scared." - to MantaPaw


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