“To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.” -Confucius

An introduction

BreezeKit is a chatty, bubbling kitten who hasn't quote grasped the fact that he speaks most of his train of thought outloud- this wouldn't be too much of a problem if it weren't for that fact that he has some,, opinions about some of the cats in the clan which everyone would rather he didn't voice. [no-one likes to hear that you think they have a wonky nose, weird shaped legs or bad smelling breath breezekit geez]


Blue smoke with low white and pale yellow eyes and long legs. Stocky, fuzzy, buzzing. How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


Absolutely clueless to the truth of the fact, BreezeKit is constantly mumbling his train of thought out loud. The catch; he doesn't believe anyone can hear him. He speaks to himself about things he dislikes- cats he dislikes all out loud for every cat to hear. No-one has the heart to tell BreezeKit that he thinks out loud, no-one wants to acknowledge the fact that BreezeKit thinks MackerelReef looks like burnt tuna and that CopperSpirit's legs are longer than the rest of his body. That he thinks that FlowerPond looks like she's made of feathers and WindPaw is actually made of dumb stone.

BreezeKit has a lot of opinions and thanks to the fact he thinks no-one can hear him everyone knows them. That's BreezeKit's special little quirk and it's the bane of everyone. They can only hope that he'll grow out of it- or someone will finally work up the courage to tell him that everyone knows that BreezeKit thinks he's the prettiest boy in the whole clan.

When he isn't narrating the lives of his clan, he sits quietly humming away as he kneads the ground- BreezeKit is just a kit after all, with room to grow and such an expansive life to lead . [206/200]

Art drawn by .

Design by SurgeFire. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: BreezeKit [Chatter]
Gender: male
Age: 3 moons
Rank: kit

Mate: none
Identity: here

Page:  #0122a


Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: sea spray, roses
Theme-song: Fright MarchThe Nights

Hobbies: Talking, adventures, people watching
Talents: Talking people into surrender

Religion: ReefClan, by birth
Beliefs: He's too young to have his own beliefs.

Favourites: - [season], birds [prey], rain [weather]. 



FatherFalconLeap [ StormHeart]
Kits: n/a


FriendsWolfKitMackerelReef, TansyKit, DaisyPaw
Disliked: none
Apprentice: none
Mentor: none


Identity: undecided
Crush: none
Mate: none
Exes: here






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