But I think that no matter how smart, people usually see what they're already looking for, that's all.” - Veronica Roth

An introduction

BraveCreek! They are v literate and speak slowly and clearly, get flustered easily and always stretch their neck right before they chew someone out for being a moron.


A short-haired silver braided torbie with green eyes. Smaller than average build with a normal face shape and build. Somewhat of a droning accent when they aren't involved in a conversation. No scars and average weight. They always look rather distant and uninvolved with life.


BraveCreek is a very well spoken, articulate cat. He typically speaks above the level of most of his clan mates and is used to dumbing down words or phrases so they doesn't confuse those they's speaking to. They always appears to be giving a long winded lecture when you get them talking about something they's passionate about. From types of birds to sea creatures, BraveCreek has knowledge about millions of small facts and loves sharing. When someone is wrong you can always tell when they are about to tell the person off because they stretch their neck to the right before they chew the person out.

While intelligent BraveCreek always seems braced for people to snark back at them, so used to the old banter their equally intelligent sibling used to throw their way. Brave always seems one step away from starting mind games and while they could dance around you and play you for a fool they really don't want to.They really wish it wasn't this way, that they weren't constantly at war and that they could trust those around them not to be looking for a chance to one up them or prove them wrong.

Mystery lies here! It's the vibe that Brave gives off in waves. You can never quite tell what their thinking but you can be sure it's something difficult to grasp until their gentle words lay it out piece by piece. Only then do you have a chance of understanding half of what this cat is talking about. [254/200]

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Design by denja. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: BraveCreek
Gender: NB [dfab] [they/he]
Age: 22 moons
Rank: wave runner

Mate: Venus, LoonThorn
Identity: polyamorous pansexual



There was a bristling to the air as the small band of friends approached the border of BeachClan, the scent of clan cats hitting the nose and overwhelming the senses. BraveCreek turned to face the rest of the group, hesitant to cross, far more aware of a clan's tendency to be territorial than most of the group. They lagged behind, thinking over the best course of action should a fight break out, they braced for the worst as a figure appeared on the other side of the border. 
The stranger introduced herself as BrookShade and welcomed the company of the small band of friends in their camp, offering hospitality and a place to rest for as long as needed before the group moved on. Venus, one of the groups members and Brave's crush at the time, decided that she would stay and as such Brave stayed as well. Used to clan life they slipped into the ranks of the clan rather easily, taking on the title of wave runner with some ambition. They fit in with most of the clan rather well without any outstanding fights or foes. For the most part their history has been uneventful, one series of small events to another. [204/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: Wheat, storms and lavender
Theme-song: I'm Still Here, Someone new, Riverhouse



Favourites: - [season], - [prey], - [weather]. 



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Mate: Venus, LoonThorn
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