The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.” - Mario Puzo

An introduction

A cat with a strong sense of right and wrong, BlossomCreek in intensely loyal, right now you wouldn't know it but this cat is destined for greatness. He has a few sneaking suspicions.


Chocolate classic tabby with moderate white and dark green eyes. Wide face and shoulders, almost maine coon in appearance and size, with large ears and no scars. His accent is hard to place, rough to the ears and long drawn. He always seems to be quietly judging.


BlossomCreek's name gives a sense of calm, wisdom, it is a name that is misleading. Wise Blossom may be, but calm is incredibly misleading. Under the facade of disinterested pacifism is seething rage, a slow burn of coal under a mountain capable of burning for generations before finally going out. No-one sees his anger with the exception of those who had seen him fight- really fight. It's as if a twig snapped and a dam filled with rage was released as a result.
Blossom has an overwhelming sense of moral right and wrong, along with a stronger sense of loyalty. He'd do anything his leader asks, so long as those orders don't force him to harm the innocent or naive. He attaches himself to one leader and let's himself believe that nothing will ever happen to such a wise and just figure. If he were to ever loose his loved leader who could tell how he would react, one thing is for certain, the earth would be scorched in his wake.
Largely unforgiving, BlossomCreek will remember each slight against him, filed away and kept in memory, when he says he only gives three chances he isn't lying. In his mind he keeps a list of those he thinks trust worthy and those who aren't and changing your status on that list is largely impossible. [224/200]

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Design by SurgeFire. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: BlossomCreek
Gender: male
Age: 37 moons
Rank: Coast Guard

Mate: Russet
Identity: bisexual



His father was an angry tom, filled with rage just like him. It was the language the two spoke best between each other, shouting and hissing and the occasional fight. His mother was a patient molly, who rivalled saints in her ability to radiate chilled calm like no-one else. The chilled calm was just a front for a judgemental she-cat who spoke many languages of guilt and treachery, because she had been the first to betray another in any situation.

He swore he'd never be like them, even with as much of them that was woven into his body, the traits they passed down, he swore that no matter how much those aspects of him shown through that he wouldn't let them consume him. He's kept good to his word, controlling his temper and more so, being a figure of moral right and wrong.

It took a great deal of resentment for his mother's actions to fuel his crusade of moral right but he hasn't failed in blazing a path wherever he chose to go, judging those he met based on their actions not on their words. He deeply wishes to find someone like him who sees the world in the same black and white, while he's settled at BeachClan and tolerates the way they treat each other, one terrible move from the leadership would be all it took to send him packing. [232/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including





Favourites: autumn [season], - [prey], - [weather]. 



Mother: Lotus
Father: Hardley
Siblings: none
Kits: none


Disliked: MapleGaze, RioSpark
Mentor: here


Identity: bisexual
Crush: here
Mate: Russet [?]
Exes: here






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