“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” - Ernest Hemingway

An introduction

A bleeding optimist, she sees the best in everyone.


Soft grey with white locket and toes, green eyes have a light rim on them. Russian blue build. How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


She grew up as a kitty-pet hidden from the cruelty of the world, glass panels kept her safe from the cruelty of the worlds. She's seen things from her window, violence and suffering but believes that if given the right tools anyone can be good. She believes with all her heart that hope is contagious and love isn't just a fever dream. All you need is the courage to step forward and be the first to offer kindness. You have to let misgivings go in order to let someone go. If hear no evil, see no evil was a condition BerryThorn would be blind and deaf. BerryThorn can find the good in everyone, even a murderer who was hates everything; actually she'll date that murderer who hates everything. 
She gives out second chances like they're candy and it's Halloween night. Don't get her willingness to believe in others as a sign of naivety, she simply has an unending optimism that burns out negativity. She will willingly put her hand into the fire to get burnt if it means a chance at reaching someone's kindness. She will try again and again- even if that person goes against her morals, even if that person shows no signs of good. Because if everyone stops trying then what hope is there that everything will end okay. [222/200]

Art drawn by Sixbane.

Design by PBR. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: BerryThorn
Gender: female
Age: 27 moons
Rank: wave runner

Mate: CherryBee
Identity: monogamous lesbian

Page:  #1620


Life was movie shown through a fancy cottage window and Berry lived a plush life adored by her Elderly human. She was content, purring happily in the lap of the other while they knitted long scarves for human kits who never really showed up as often as they should. She recalled one day, outside the house while her human knitted a great upheaval of the peace, shouting as war raged outside. Leaping to the window Berry was followed by her human who opened the cottage window peering out with her as they saw to scrappy wild cats bullying one far rougher looking she-cat.

Berry called out to her, offered safety and the rough looking cat fled inside the window, the cats harassing her deciding a human wasn't worth the trouble. Berry's human was more than happy to offer the rough she-cat, who called herself 'Cheria', shelter and food. Despite the cats insistence on her name Berry found herself calling the other Cherry and despite the cats gruff disposition she fell into liking the name. That name wasn't the only thing she fell into. There was something about Cherry that stuck like a thorn in Berry's heart. Although her company was welcome Cherry soon left through the window she had came through, never permanently, never forever. She kept returning and Berry found herself eagerly awaiting the next visit.

This was only the beginning of a great adventure...[236/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: two-legs, roses
Theme-song: Another Day of Sun, Mr. Blue Sky,

Hobbies: Singing, Making peace between others.
Talents: She has a  way of making others feel at ease.

Religion: SpiritClan
Beliefs: She doesn't see ghosts but she's seen the impact the dead have on the living, she wonders if it's really their right to interfere.

Favourites: autumn [season], kibble [prey], windy [weather]. 

Other: former kittypet.


Mother: Luna
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Barley, Moxie, Ashton
Kits: n/a


FriendsCloudDustCopperSpirit, PearlGazeCinnamon, FurzeHeart
Enemies: MapleGaze, RioSpark
Mentor: n/a


Identity: lesbian, monogamous
Crush: n/a
Mate: CherryBee
Exes: here


A misunderstanding [+amber], Starlight [+misc]


Well if you’re going to call me Cherry/bee/ then you, you are going to be BerryTHORN! The biggest cold blooded killer the shores have ever seen.
          -CherryBee to BerryThorn

Relations Expanded

PearlGaze- BFF, gossip buddy, they get girly excited together
CopperSpirit- Amiable, chatter, they team up with Cinnamon to shrink other cats, it's kinda scary
Cinnamon- friends but disagree over the power of lineage and whether you parents are okay people
CloudDust- bro relationship, brings out the worst in berrythorn?? Which is to say, BerryThorn has taken some dumb leaps from trees at the encouragement of clouddust.
FlowerPond- maternal bond, flowerpond reminds her of her old two-leg- in a good way, of course!
MackerelReef- "I agree to disagree, you take that for granted but that's okay"
MantaPaw- acquaintance 
CherryBee- Lover
MapleGaze- she hates her, despises her acctually but she finds it hard to maintain a constent disposition of hatred. She wants to think about the better in MapleGaze, but she finds her mind often falls blank. Yet she'd turn her back to her, she'd trust her.
Amber- she's alright! even though Amber would most likely break her neck in her sleep. 
CinderPaw- her first apprentice! He is destined for great things, she believes in him!


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