Auora that shine brightly

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An introduction

Aurora that shines brightly! The first elder of BeachClan she's graceful and humble. She's acts like a grandmother to most of the clan.


A lanky ginger mackerel tabby with high white and green eyes. She walks tentively with humility and grace. She has a slight scottish accent. Her resting expression is curious and dainty. How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


The ginger tabby known as Aurora that Shines Brightly, or simply Aurora, is a cat of grace and humility. Wise, due in thanks to her time spent on the earth, with the aspirations of strangers lighting up her eyes. Her simple kindness is enough to shine a light through the darkest of days. As such all who have seen the lights she earnt her name from will all say she lives up to her namesake. She believes in the power of the common people and the power of their ancestors above. She believes in the earth below their feet and its ability to heal all that ask. Most cats know her as a steady rock to lean against in the endless assault of time, seemingly eternal with all she's learnt. But for all her whims and fancies, knowledge earned on her travels she is a gentle soul, fickle and delicate to the viewpoints of others. Maybe it's shallow for her to care so deeply about how she's seen by others but as a traveller for most of her life she knows very well that first impressions and reputations are the difference between a fight and a warm welcome. Her quiet, simple lifestyle leaves her a lot of space in her head for which no amount of wisdom could stop her from being aimless and rather gullible. She holds very little purpose of her own in life, having spent most of her aspirations chasing down the dreams of strangers. Yet she holds those dreams close, discreet with her secrets and always listening. She is a grandmother to all who ask it of her, never one to turn down a laugh or a smile. [282/200]

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Design by SurgeFire. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: Aurora that shines brightly [Aurora]
Gender: female
Age: 97 moons
Rank: keeper

Mate: deceased
Identity: undecided



Settled down in a nest of feathers, moss and grass, lay Aurora. Her nose pointed over the edge of her little hideaway, watching the cats of the clan roam around their hidden camp. She let out a soft relaxed sigh, eyes blinking closed as she remembered the paths that lead her to where she was now.
Hailing from a faraway land where the mountains reached into the sky and the snow fell all year round. Aurora's mother told her tales of the tribe she would have been born into, the tribe that had fallen into destruction when her mother was just a to-be. Aurora remembered laying side by side with her siblings under the protection of tree roots listening to their mother tell story after story of the great tribe and the honourable blood that flowed through their veins. As time flowed on and she and her siblings became older they split off from their mother, travelling into the world together. In the beginning, it was all three of her siblings travelling together, peas of a pod.
As the years went by they saw many things and many places. The three of them saw tragedies and experienced moments of pure euphoria. Time flowed by and soon the siblings became more than watchers of the world around them. The runt of their litter, Snow on Mountainside, fell in love with a rogue. Fire that Burns Brightly joined a clan and soon Aurora was left alone. She travelled, fell in love, lived and lost.
The time she lived made her mind wise but her losses aged her body; soon she found her wayward life was no longer sustainable and she settled. The heavy scent of a clan's mark caught her nose as she travelled towards the east where she knew the water was salty and travelled into the horizon forever. She settled on the edge of the clan's territory, waiting patiently for these cats to come to her and for them to show their worth. The first to do so was a small squirrely tom who introduced himself as CopperPaw. He huffed and puffed when they first met, tail all caught in a twist as he switched between demanding that Aurora leave and not being sure what to do. Aurora had let out a soft gentle laugh, closing the distance between them to stand toe to toe with the trainee, eyes gently looking him over. Refusing to stand down the little russet tom shook slightly, flinching with every moment Aurora made. Gently she leaned forwards resting her nose on the forehead of the apprentice.
CopperPaw had reeled backwards an anxious look flowing over his face as he huffed and turned tail back towards beachclan's territory. Aurora had smiled at him as he ran, turning around herself to continue minding her own. The next day the trainee returned, tail tucked between his legs as he poked around Aurora's home.
"Can I help you CopperPaw," Aurora had asked softly, a whisper as she snuck up on the BeachClan cat. He had jerked away from her, hackles raised as he stumbled to the floor, shock all over his face. After a brief moment of indignation, CopperPaw calmed himself down and turned away. "I'm here to tell you to leave," he said voice struggling to remain calm and assertive. Aurora shook her head slowly, "you'd send me away alone?" Her question was two-sided and as CopperPaw opened his mouth to retort he realised the nature of the question. She wasn't as able-bodied as she had once been yet CopperPaw was still small with a lot of room to grow. The trainee looked away, a soft sigh slipping from his maw. A fight between them would be a lost cause for both parties. As silence filled the air between them and Aurora made no aggression towards him CopperPaw grew confident. He sniffed around the den, looking at the feather filled nest that Aurora had made her own.
As the days would flow by CopperPaw began visiting regularly, slipping out between his training to chat with the old traveller, soon the two became close friends. CopperPaw confided that he was an orphan and Aurora listened. Soon enough the quiet she-cat was the mother CopperPaw had always wanted. When MackeralStar and the rest of BeachClan discovered Aurora CopperPaw had sworn back and forth, defending his only mother figure like a bratty child. Touched by CopperPaw's reaction and impressed by Aurora's knowledge MackeralStar brought the she-cat home.
MackeralStar made a new rank that day; when a cat could no longer fight for their clan they would become a keeper. Someone to hold the stories of their clan and those around them and pass them on through the years to the youth. Aurora that Shines Brightly was proud to stand as the first keeper in BeachClan. [805/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: Jasmine
Theme-song: Mayday, Till it's over,
Hobbies: Story telling
Talents: Has a way with words

Religion: StarClan
Beliefs: In the end no matter where you end up, you will always be connected to your friend and family.

Favourites: spring [season], eel [prey], rain [weather]. 



Mother: Sky
Father: Ember
Siblings: Snow, Fire
Kits: Little


Friends: CopperSpirit, BrookShade
Disliked: here
Apprentice: none
Mentor: Sky


Identity: undecided 
Crush: here
Mate: deceased
Exes: here






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