I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind.” - Edgar Allen Poe

An introduction

AspenPaw, he's a shy little introvert who has this knack for training birds. You probably won't ever hear a word come from his maw unless it's about birds.
If you're really quiet and follow him out of camp chances are you'll see him auctioning off shiny pearls and shells to birds and in exchange the birds will warn him of dangers. It's strange, the birds warn him about his own clanmates sometimes...


A chocolate van with orange eyes with a Burmese build. Walks tentively and has a soft voice with a mild brittish accent. No scars and looks constantly like he's questioning something, or perhaps listening?


Aspen is a quiet soul, a gentle being wrapped up in a world of quiet wonder. Shy is the first word that pops into mind when dealing with Aspen. He jumps when shouted at, winces when snuck up on and in general is not he life of the party. Where ever bustling laughter is heard Aspen is almost always in the opposite direction. This doesn't bother him one bit, he's independent, comfortable in his own skin, being by himself or with a few trusted friends, leading the way despite the lack of communication he offers.
Clever and quick of mind, Aspen is a puzzle solver at heart. Always tilting his head, looking at the world in new ways, trying to figure things out. It's the puzzle solving nature that lead him to learning simple bird words, understanding their habits and the way their world works. He's definitely clever. He's definitely smart. Who could know what travels through his mind at any given time when he dare not speak a word of it to another soul.
Introverted and feeling, Aspen builds a world in his mind, and feels his way through day to day conversations. He can be a little emotional, or a lot emotional. A paw full of tears at the memory of a dead friend. [216/200]

Art drawn by Rameiku.

Design by . Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: AspenPaw [feather]
Gender: Male
Age: 7 moons
Rank: Trainee

Crush: WindPaw, RubyPaw
Identity: bisexual, polyamorous



AspenPaw's memories of his mother were vague, they were mostly filled with tears of mourning. He remembers being huddled against her cold body until the chill of the air drove him to search for warmth elsewhere. He remembers stumbling through the world alone searching far and wide for somebody- someone to protect him from the world.

While stumbling through the world, hungrier than he had ever been before a haunting sound echoed from above, beady eyes staring down at him. For the briefest moment Aspen thought he would die, then just as quickly those beady eyes became kinder- swooping down from the branches the owl brought with it a half eaten carcass- a squirrel.

Then just as quickly the owl left and Aspen was well fed.

That was what changed his perspective of the feathered friends who lived in the sky. It wasn't long before the growing kit was learning key phrases the birds spoke, climbing trees to speak with them and listening to the bird calls to avoid predators. It wasn't long before Aspen was more comfortable with birds than he was with the idea of other cats. When he stumbled across BeachClan it was jarring to be taken in and given a name and family. All he wanted was his bird families that he had built up over the moons but he understood with quiet sadness that this was for the better. [234/200]

Act 1
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: Feathers, seeds and poppies
Theme-song: Jet pack bluesWherever I go,

Hobbies: Bird watching, collecting shiney things
Talents: Bird whispering

Religion: He can't quite place it... [SpiritClan]
Beliefs: Something saved him as a kit, more than the owl that fed him, it was as if he had a guardian...

Favourites: winter [season], fish [prey], snow [weather]. 

Other: really loves birds, hates people who eat birds


Mother: Millie
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Kits: None


Friends: WindPaw, RubyPaw,
Disliked: FalconLeap, BrookShade, BreezeKit,
Apprentice: none


Identity: bisexual, polyamorous
CrushWindPaw, RubyPaw
Mate: none
Exes: here






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Art by Rameiku.

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