Amber that traps Spider

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” -Bob Marley

An introduction

A once bold and brave she-cat looking for a chance to live a peaceful and gentle life she has trouble restraining herself from returning to her old ways.


Tortoiseshell with amber eyes. A thin frame that is hiding well worn muscles and a strong core. Her fur is well kept but thin in places, showing a life of hardships. She walks like she's stepping on ice, each paw well placed, each movement fluid and clean, nothing out of place. To say that she is graceful would be an understatement. 
A relaxed gentle expression is worn like a near constant mask, only the occasional burning glance showing what she may be feeling at any given moment. Her voice has the faintest french accent, an accent which becomes far more vivid when she gets angry or passionate about a subject. Similar to a havana brown.


Amber that traps spider comes from a distant long gone tribe family- a family with values, expectations and rules. From a young age she was trained on the correct way to behave, the correct way to hold herself. How to act like a proper adult, how to behave in front of regality. It's only natural, with her upbringing, that she would be quite sophisticated and unassuming. 
She is dainty, kind, gentle- everything a mother should be. Yet under all that inhibition and whimsy lies a trained killer. She isn't cruel by any means, just well trained, she has an arsenal of skills and years of training. She is tempered, controlled and in many ways she isn't the same starry eyed kit she was before her tribe began training her. She has been actively working to undo some of the training- to become something she had once wanted to be.
So she reaches out to the young, to the estranged and tries to become better. She has prejudices that she wants to overcome, against personalities and opinions. It's easy for most people to mistake her for what she let's on, the mask she portrays. Deep under the mask paranoia ticks away restlessly- she will never be who she wants to be. [210/200]

Art drawn by Rameiku.

Design by liightning. Lines by Canis2954.

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Name: Amber that traps spider [amber]
Gender: female
Age: 76 moons
Rank: coast guard

Mate: none
Identity: heterosexual



There are skills you have and skills that are forced onto you.
We hunt and kill smaller creatures that we may feed our young, a necessary evil amongst the worlds chaos. It is however in the senseless violence that my people had found themselves strung. A regal force had stood at the head of this tribe. Moon in clear sky, it was a name so delicate and renowned no-one would suspect just how much pure evil radiated from under the surface.

Just as there were skills there was potential. Those who didn't have potential could live out their lives as the common folk but those who did. Oh how I wish I had been born insignificant.
I was gifted with a fast mind, a tactical gift and without the sense to hide it I became part of the upper class of our fine tribe. I was taught rules and regulations. How to speak and how to walk until I was simply a mirror of everyone else with my rank. My tactical gift was turned into action. It wasn't long before I tasted the blood of the innocent on my tongue under orders from the 'kind' leader, who wanted nothing more than to leave scorched earth.

By the time I had grown a spine it was too little too late, the blood on my paws would never wash away and even as I searched I'd never be able to find more than a shell of the cat I had once been. [250/200]

Act 1
Stuggling to adjust and build a new life and vision, oppinions reguarding how open to attack BeachClan is, wanting to make them more guarded and safe.
History from moon 19 to MackerelReef's death

Act 2
Everything from FlowerReef's corronation to her death

Plans for this cats furture, including


Scent: Soot, pine and marigold
Theme-song: You've got the love, Hometown,

Hobbies: Time spent with kits, training wave runners
Talents: Natural gift for fighting

Religion: Questioning
Beliefs: Believes in a lot of things but doens't hold anything too close to heart.

Favourites: spring [season], voles [prey], severe storms [weather]. 



Mother: Sunset
Father: Rowan
Siblings: Cricket, Bittle
Kits: n/a
Nephew: Ripple


FriendsFalconLeapBrookShade, BlossomCreek,
Apprentice: here
Mentor: Briar


Identity: heterosexual
Crush: open
Mate: here
Exes: here


Loved [solo], Fight [+ FalconLeap], A misunderstanding [+ BerryThorn], Secrets [+ BrookShade], Proven [+ BlossomCreek, FalconLeap], Grandma [+ BreezeKit],


"Actually, I was hoping for a friendly tiff, a fight, a chance to exchange blows and grow as felines, but if the 'soft glow of a sandy beach' is your preference than by all means. I was never one to stand between a cat and their calling."
          -Amber to FalconLeap
"She has the disposition of my old tribes Queen, she was crooked with eyes that could burn holes in the souls of any she glared at. She could throw disapproval across a room like it was a weopan and I find it hard to believe anything good really exists."
          -Amber about BerryThorn
"So perfect, so nice, you're just biding your time to stab as all in the back. Admit it, if it was you or me, you'd let me die all over again."
          -Amber to BerryThorn, during a mental breakdown™


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