For family and future!

Leader: MackerelReef

Clan Description

"the water has been our home since the waves called out to us, our ancestors once lived on these shores, hunted these waters and now so do we. we lay nestled against the hard rocky walls and watch the harsh waves cascade into the shore underneath us as we watch from the cliffs. sunbathing on the rocks and occasionally travelling into the pine forests to the west. we hunted the waters and felt no fear in the currents, we are beachclan and our ancestors reefclan watch over us from the deep. underneath the water, our ancestors will keep us afloat through the hardest times."  [104/100]


The Land of Three Crows [distant]
Emberclan [distant]


The Land of Three Crows [distant]


Rouge Uprising; The shell's rebellion [npc]

Lead by MackerelReef, StormHeart and in small way, FlowerPond, BeachClan stands out for being a clan for the wanderers, the lost and weery. There's said to be a pull for those looking for a new chance here, that leads any and all to it's haven if they just listen.


A beach side clan all about giving cats a new chance at life. While most clans are vicious when it comes to their borders BeachClan is noticably lax.

Their diet consists almost completely of fish with the occasionally birds and mammals from the nearby pine forest.


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