Tribe of Acadia

Sometimes it reminds me of when we used to belong .

Territory, Ranks and other information.


Pillars of stone rise into the sky, delicate in appearance but in all actuality are rather sturdy. Outcroppings in the stone are covered in grass and flowers and inside the pillars are little carvings of stone where nests are stored and hyliefs can sleep during the night. This makes up their camp. A thick fog stretches out from the ocean in the distance, hiding their people from the threat of discovery. Flight through the mist to the south leads to land where most hunting takes place for those who don't enjoy fish. Pine forests occupy this land along with steep cliff faces.



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LEADER; The leader of the colony, the namer of names and the giver of ranks. The leader carries with them an air of mystery and power, someone to be respected by all means lest you end up assigned to a task that would surely mean your death. Other than the ominous notion that the leader could cause great suffering they are also responsible for keeping order throughout the colony, from simple tasks to greater ones. They lead the charge in battles and are in charge of judging the crimes of members, should there be an infraction on the code the colony lives by.

PROPHET; Eyes wide to the world, the prophet is filled with visions of the other side and wisdom that is unfathomable to most of those who are journeying across the mortal plane. They have the role of mediator for the leader, not just towards the other side but towards the members of the colony. They are a problem fixer, a listening ear, and advice offerer. They take the broken souls of the world and work toward mending them and the colony appreciates them because of it. If there is ever any conflict or mistrust amongst the colony those concerns are taken to the prophet.

HEALER; When you are injured who do you turn to? The colony Healer! Tasked with caring for the colonies health concerns the healer can be seen working dutifully, from tending to a herb garden to mending wounds this all falls under the healers purview. They are intentioned to be a pacifist and while they have minimal control over the colony it is their job to step forward and speak against plans of battle or war should the risk of injury be too high. The leaders tendency to hear them out is neither here nor their but speaking out often makes the members of the colony aware of their mortality.

ELDERLY; The elderly are those who have reached an age where they can no longer server the colony. They have spent their life well, or atleast you'd hope they have and are now retired. Begrudgingly the leader agrees that for their service they should be allowed to 'freeload' in the territory and do as they chose, exempt from any battle plans and hunting patrols. It is however, understood to the elderly that their lifetime only lasts as long as they can still maintain flight, as only those capable of soaring the sky can survive on the stone pillars the colony calls home.

WIND RIDERS;Soaring the sky and travelling great distances, the wind riders are explorers and hunters of land and sky. Wind riders are considered free spirits and wild children. They have seen far shores and are capable of flying at higher heights than their wave dancer partners. They are more skilled at flying in storms and can maintain flight for long periods of time, never seeming to tire or become restless. They are also providers for the colony, hunting from the skies, swooping down to kill rabbits and other prey from above. They are a staple in the clan and can be relied on to take flight when required.

WAVE DANCERS: Dainty and passionate, the wave dancers are fishermen and performers. They keep an energy alive in the colony, entertainers who are filled with passion and mirth, of course this is a generalisation of the group. Some wave dancers are more interested in the other side of their title, fishers who hunt the waves and under the water for prey to hunt. There is another small group of wave dancers who fall into the category of caretakers of nature, nurturing the environment and assisting the healer in maintaining herbs. The waver dancers are a diverse group of characters, that is for sure and while the title fits many the stereotype of the role fits only a few.


THE FIRST FLIGHT; Wing to wing we fly beside our kippens when the time for their first flight begins. A journey shared with all of the colony they are taken from the camp to the territory beyond the fog, shown the wide world with company and protected from any danger. The first flight is essential to giving the soon to be wave dancer or wind rider that the world is there's to travel, to give them a sense that danger is far away and to keep them from realising the threats that lurk for as long as possible until the innocence of youth has faded naturally on it's own.
JOURNEY INTO THE EXPANSE; Wind Riders have a tradition called the "Journey into the expanse" which is when a young adult, having reached maturity is sent to the fly outside the fog for a week, only to return from their journey after having explored. It's forbidden for the wind rider to lurk around the territory and the stories they bring back of the places they've seen win them favour amongst the leadership as a hylief of good character and strength. Those who fail to travel for a week and return home sooner or are caught hiding around the territory are ostracised and often banished from the colony.
THE GREAT DANCE; Once a year when the flowers are in full bloom the great dance takes place. Those with partners or ambitions of romance will take to the air to court their significant other or crush with fancy dance moves and songs of love and romance. It is a big deal to those with aspiring crushes and a beautiful site to spectate for those who are alone during the holiday. After the dance flowers are exchanged as gifts between friends and a feast is held. It is one of the few times the colony is at some sort of peace and fighting during the holiday is forbidden.

why your founder became a leader

"Fools clamber to fools." The prophet was heard saying once with mild amusement when asked why Viva is leader of the colony. While there is some truth to this the reason Viva is leader falls to her status of Fi and the lengths she will go to protect the chosen few she cares for. That combined with the way new comers fell to her side, displaced by fighting abroad. Viva would have sent them away but with the pressure of the Healer and Prophet she reluctantly allowed a colony to form around her. So perhaps fools clambered to a fool. [100]


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